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    Residual Plot against Fits - Is this ok?

    Hi! So I've done an experiment and had some data to analyse and I was looking at all the various residual plots situation to see where my data might be far from ideal and I know that I potentially have two outliers as can be seen from top left and bottom left graphs. However, Im not sure...
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    simple question about sample randomness

    Thanks for looking at this. I've been given a sample of data of 105 cars. Our teacher didn't specify whether or not the sample is random, but most of the hypothesis tests I'm to perform require a random sample. I thought I could get around the possible non-randomness of the sample by taking...
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    Probability that a set of numbers is non-random?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer to this: For a set of X numbers with a median of Y and a standard deviation of Z, where a set determined randomly according to a Gaussian distribution would have a median of 0, what is the probability that the median Y indicates that the set...