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    What statistical tools should be used for the interval and ratio scales?

    Hello, I have read a lot on the internet of examples of differences between the two scales, however I do not understand why statistical tools such as the relative standard deviation are used for the ratio scales and not for the interval scales. I found everything and its opposite on the...
  2. N

    Help understanding a normalization

    Hi, in fact Ive been reading an article, they are working with velocity and acceleration: So a number of observations (vt; at) (speed between 5 and 25 and acceleration between -2,2) They said: If we normalize these observations by the number of observations that fall into that speed bucket we...
  3. K

    Does anyone know how to work with Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs)?

    Dear all, I am working for the first time with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs). I am recording MEPs' amplitude as the peak-to-peak value. But does anyone know hot to normalize raw MEPs? Somewhere I read z-score, somewhere that is needed a logarithm (but...
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    Normalization of the domain of a data set

    Hello. I need to normalize a variable to a new # of data points, specifically expand the variable from 70 to 100 points, keeping the same shape and magnitude of the curve. Is there a known function in MATLAB, Excel, or SPSS that can extrapolate/interpolate a curve in this way? All I have been...
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    Problem with normalization and - proteomics analysis (LC-MS)

    Hi folks, I am working with proteomics data, containing mainly LC-MS and NMRI analysis. Firstly, I must normalise data to give valuable compound for biostatistics analysis such as data imputation. I have never had to deal with such data. Can you advise me on which method to choose (I usually...
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    Normalising Search Data

    Hi Guys, Just want to start by saying great forums, some really useful stuff on here! I'm basically a statistics novice, though i did do a few subjects at uni many moons ago, so forgive me if I ask some stupid questions. And apologies if this isn't in the right area. I'm working on a data...
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    Interpreting scaling vs centring vs normalizing negative binomial model

    Hello, I'm a bit confused between the difference between scaling and centring in a negative binomial regression. My model looks like this: invertebrate abundance= Year +shoot count + epiphyte biomass(g) + epiphyte bio*shoot count Years: 2015, 2016 Shoot count range:1-30 Epiphyte bio...
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    How do I normalize the variance of error terms in multinomal logit/probit models?

    Hi, I use a multinomial logit model to analyze a choice experiment with three options. I normalize the coefficient of one of the options, say option three to zero. I do this to set this option as the reference category. Hence, I am left with two options. Now I want to normalize the variance of...
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    how to normalize demand/availability matrix for Citibike data

    I am not a statistician but would appreciate an outside perspective on my current project analyzing citibike data. This is a bit complicated so please bear with me. My goal is to determine to what extent bikes are delivered to stations when they need them, that is, the the average amount of...
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    I weighted the variables to do structural equation modeling (SEM). I found that some weighted variables were not normally distributed. Do I have to normalize the weighted variables before I implement the statistical analysis? Or I don't have to normalize the weighted variables? Thanks.
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    Accounting for Pre-existing differences between Control and Treatment groups

    I've got two sets of sales data. I want to compare the two groups after one has a sales program applied to it. However, the treatment group already consists of the best performing stores in the analysis. My question is, how can I normalize/standardize the data so that I can accurately...
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    Minimizing impact of age variable

    Hi So I'm working with a health outcomes dataset for an entire state. The dataset is also broken up into groups by location within the state. There are around 50 groups, with a total of around 3000 individuals across the state. Each individual record has medical condition variables...
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    How to normalize LC-MS data with minimum bias (proteomics)

    Hello all, I'm working with quantification of some modified peptides enriched from serum of sick and healthy people. In the crude data (integrated LC-MS peak areas) this modification appears to be significantly more abundant in sick people's serum, which is the hypothesis, and also consistent...
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    Normalization of samples and fold change calculation

    Hi, I have 4 samples of read counts and i want to compare these samples to see different patterns. These samples are not standardized, so i have calculated the z-scores for each sample. I am not sure how i can compare them using this information and also to calculate fold change. Anyone who...
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    normalization of distribution of an interval variable with non normal distribution

    hi , when an interval variable has not normal distribution , can we always be able to use the compute command in spss for transforming this variable by LG10 or SQRT for normalization of distribution ? thanks for your help
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    How do I normalize and rank scores obtained based on different counts of matches?

    Let's say we have one contestant who played 1 game and won (1 out of 1), another who played 50 and won 49 of them (49 of 50), and so on. I need to produce a ranking of those contestants even though the count of games is different. The higher number of played games should give higher certainty...