odd ratio interpretation

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    Multiple logistic regression interpretation help

    I'm looking at the association between one binary dependent variable, and several independent variables. I first did univariate analysis, and then put all variables with p<0.05 into a logistic regression model. My issue is this: a couple of the variables produced odds ratios <1 on regression...
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    Logistic regression - how do I interpret Odds ratio & how do I explain a very high OR

    Hello, As part of my doctoral thesis I have completed a logistic regression to assess the impact of some parenting variables on recovery from a diagnosis. I have so far used teaching notes, a variety of text books and the internet to help me analyse the results. I am a clinician foremost and...
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    Odd ratio interpretation- reference category

    Hello guys, I am running an logistic regression. My DV is = do you have health insurance (yes/no). My main IV is ACA=Affortable Care Act. 1=live in state that are expanding ACA, 2= live in states that are NOT expanding ACA, and 3= live in states debating. When my reference variable is...