odds ratio.

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    Multinomial logistic regression Interpretation

    I'm trying to understand the result of the Odds Ratio library(nnet) model <- multinom(labs~GENDER+Education+Imp,data=mydata) GENDER = (Man, Woman) Education = (Primary, Secondary, University) Imp = (YES, NO) I have 300 participants in my study, I clustered them in 3 Clusters So in...
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    Nonparametric data analysis

    I'm asking for advice. Topic of my research is brain iron accumulation. My task is the next . I have one dependent variable that is cathegorical and binominal(patient has the pathology or does not). And six independent variables that are continuous and nonpatametric. The question is :how can i...
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    Help with confidence interval and interpreting data!?

    Someone please please help me make sense of these stats! I really need help with interpreting outcome of studies! How do i calculate CIs (no need to know actual calculation as can use calculator) and make sense of outcome... Any help would make me forever grateful! STUDY 1. Pre- and...