ordinal variable

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    Friedman's test for ordinal variable

    Hello, Could I please get some feedback with regard to whether my thinking below is correct? My participants (n=51) were measured at four time-points participating in various activities. I would like to see whether their participation in each activity changed over time. Participation in each...
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    Issue defining ordinal variables in SAS

    Hello All, I am developing a Logistic Regression model in SAS and I have one of the independent variables as Age. I do not have exact age but I have the age buckets. Say 26 Years-30 years as bucket 1, 31 years to 35 years as bucket 2, 36 years to 40 years as bucket 3, and so on. If I include...
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    Longitudinal Adhesion Test for Patches

    Hello dear colleagues. I have to compare the adhesion of two drugs in the form of transdermal patches. According to EMA's (European Medicines Agency) guidelines, the adhesion should be measured several times for each treatment, during the 24 hour period of administration of the drug, using...
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    New to stats forum,

    Hi every one, i have just started on my first research project, trying to understand which is the best test to use to analyse my results.
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    Totally confused! re-scaling using rank ties command?

    Hi, Thank you all for all those kind helps all the time. I'm always getting useful advices here. This time, I have a question on making a composite variable and rescaling... let's say I have these three variables - V_club : number of clubs a respondent join (range 0 ~ 10) - V_talk ...
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    Converting Numerical Value Ranges into Ordinal Values.

    Hello everbody I need help with 2 issues. First one; When I use calculate values menu, and I create body mass index function from weight and height variables, and I say calculate, spss calculates BMIs and writes them in cells. But when I update information, BMI for that particular case won't...