1. R

    Ordinal Model: Acceptability/alternatives to using mean and weighting factors

    I've been asked to validate a model created by someone else and need some help on how the final score is calculated. Have put lots of detail; apologies for the post length. The output (dependent) variable is ordinal scale with 5 points (i.e. 1-5) representing an assessment of risk (not risky...
  2. L

    Factors or covariates in multinomial logistic regression

    I have ordinal variables where I ask the respondent to rate how frequent they go for a motivational talk ( 1: never, 2: rarely, 3: sometime , 4: often, 5: always ) and also their satisfaction towards their life ( 1: unsatisfied ............ 9:very satisfied) . So, as i know this kind of...
  3. K

    Sum of questionnaire score - ordinal vs interval? and choosing an inference test

    Hello there, I'm doing a module in research methods and we are required to analyse some data (provided to us) from a randomised control trial. I'm having some difficulty deciding on what stats analysis to do... Background: the primary outcome measure is the sum of scores from a 36 item...
  4. M

    Can I use chi-square for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    Can I use chi-square test of independence if one variable is nominal and the other is ordinal, or do both have to be nominal?
  5. H

    Is this an interval variable?

    The variable is called "externalizing behaviours" and it has the numbers 9,7,7,3,11,6,2,6,6,9. I assume that the numbers show the amount of externalizing behaviour because the question says it was an observation. Is this interval/ratio? I think it is interval (rather than ordinal) because 7 is...
  6. F

    ordinal or multinominal regression?

    This question may sound bit novice but I find it bit tricky There are 8 continuous predictor variable and My dependent variable is: not used slightly used highly used Is it ordinal or nominal? Can I use multi-nominal regression in my case? I am confused when i code my dependent...
  7. A

    Which inferential stats test to use? PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, Someone please help. I'm conducting a study on how group gender ratios influences stereotype threat within career choices and level of gender identification, as well as how primes that blur intergroup biases can influence these DV's as well. IV1: Gender ratio (categorical) (3...
  8. P

    Ordinal DV correlation analysis

    I am working on a project to analyze the frequency of use of public transit by an individual. However, One of my output variable "Frequency of use " is an ordinal scale with the 4 different categories: often, sometimes, rarely, never. I have treated this variable on a numerical scale with 1-...
  9. S

    SPSS: Which chi-square test should I use for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    My hypothesis is Gender and opinion on smoking is associated. I am using a likert scale (Strongly disagree..strongly agree) for the statement 'Smoking makes you look cool'. In SPSS, I have coded gender as nominal and the opinion as ordinal. I have to use a chi-square test but dont which box...
  10. B

    measurement level of exponential temperature in degrees Celsius

    I was wondering about the following theoretical example. Assume that I have measured temperature in degrees Celsius on various days (x), and for some strange reason converted each of these using e^x. My question is now, what measurement level is this 'exponential temperature'? My own...
  11. M

    Ordinal regression shows negative effect when spearman correlation shows positive

    I running a regression model where a variable is indicated to have a negative impact on the predicted variable: Estimate Std. Error Wald df Sig. 95% Confidence Interval Lower Bound Upper Bound Threshold [email_contact = 1] -4.682 .664 49.713 1 .000 -5.983 -3.380 [email_contact =...
  12. T

    Ordinal or interval survey response analysis (from a convenience sample)

    I have the responses from a survey where people had to provide a rating on a scale from one to five, where five was most positive side of things. I would like to assume it is interval scale where the differences between each point on the scale are the same, as I would like to compute...
  13. D

    Ordinal dependent variable - regression help!

    First of all, I am a complete newbie to stats from a non mathematical background, but I need to analyse survey data for my dissertation! So I have a dependent variable that is ordinal - it's a 5-point likert item (strongly disagree - strongly agree). My independent variables are composite...
  14. I'm-your-0

    I Need Help with Scale of Measurement

    I tend to over-think things, and there are multiple items within each part of an assignment I am doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :yup: Although I looked at a couple of websites, I am still confused about the "Alternate Uses Test." I need to identify it as a nominal, ordinal...
  15. C

    software to run ordinal generalized linear mixed model with nonproportional odds?

    Does any body know of a software program that will allow me to run an ordinal generalized linear mixed model with nonproportional odds? I've been trying the mixcat package in R but can't get it to work. Thanks! Cynthia
  16. M

    Ordinal variable difference between pre and post- age IV

    I have a self-efficacy scale ordinal 1 to 5. I ask this question in pre and post tests. I would like to know if age affect the change in self-efficacy between pre and post. My attempt was to gen efficacy _change= efficacy_post - efficacy_pre. and the just regress efficacy _change age Is...
  17. T

    Fisher's exact test and non-inferiority / equivalence

    I have some data (multiple choice question scores for two groups of medical students exposed to an experimental and standard type of anatomy teaching). It's ordinal data (scores out of 10). I'd like to test whether the experimental type of teaching is equivalent (i.e. not inferior) to the...
  18. 1

    Sample size for ordinal logistic regression (or at least ordinal)

    Sample size for ordinal logistic regression (or at least logistic regression) I am trying to determine the sample size I need for my dissertation and I have no clue where to begin. I have been unable to find a sample size calculator for ordinal logistic regression and was told by my chair to...
  19. S

    3 Groups of Participants & Likert data

    Hi, I'm new to the forum - though I have browsed and found the resources helpful for a long time. Thank you to all who contribute here. I have an issue with some data that I can't see covered elsewhere. I have conducted a study on whether 3 different groups of students found our mobile...
  20. J

    Analysis of pre-post ordinal data

    Hi everybody, I'm stuck in a problem with ordinal data analysis. We have x patients treated, and two measurements of pain (before/after treatment) in a 10-point scale. Which is the suitable test/tests to evaluate response to treatment?