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    What correlation should I run?

    I have two data sets from identical ordinal scales (Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Often, Very Often). What correlation should I run?
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    Calculating with types of data

    Why can't one compute with values such as 'M(ale)/F(emale)'? Can't I keep a counter of how many males and females were at an event? Am I not 'calculating' then? So am I actually assigning a ratio value (counter) to a nominal value (M/F) if I do this?
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    direction of association between nominal and ordinal variables

    Hello, I have a question about which test are appropriate to find direction of association between a nominal and an ordinal variable. I have 2 kinds of participants (A and B), each of them answered a few questions with an answer on a scale from 0-7. The sample size is quite small so I...
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    Test median again hypothesized median value_ one sample Wilcoxon signed ranks test

    I have a question regarding testing a median against a hypothesized value. On a five-point Likert-style scale (1=regressed; 5 = met goal ), student participants were asked to rate the extent to which a target (fictional person) met daily protein intake goals from as compared to a previous...
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    Association btw. dichotomous and ordinal variables, controlling for dichotomous var.

    Hi y'all! I've got three variables: A (3-category ordinal), B (dichotomous), C (dichotomous). Any ideas on how to find a measure of association between A and B, while controlling/covarying for C? I'm currently dropping everything into the partial correlation procedure in SPSS, which I'm...
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    Urgent Help Please For Creating Relationship

    Hi Buddies :wave: Thanks for your upcoming help :) I have been trying to create relationship dependent scale which are (Positive, Neutral, Negative) = ( 1/ 0 / -1) and independent variable of 1 - 5. I would like to know how to evaluate impact of Independent variable on dependent variable...
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    Is this ordinal?

    Hi, My question in a survey is "What do you belive the general view of experts is regarding the causes of Climate change" and the answer options are : [ ] All scientists believe climate change is mostly due to Human contribution? [ ] Majority of scientists believe climate change is...
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    What sort of data is this? In a pickle

    Hi, sorry first of all if is could be suited more towards a different catagory. Basically ive done questionaire and one question is : 3. Highest formal education. None GCSE's (School or FE college) A-Levels (Or equivalent) Graduate Degree (Higher education) Postgraduate or...
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    Ordinal data+ independent factors+Marketing analysis+SPSS= HELP!!!!

    Hi, I desperately need help analyisng my survey data. Which tests do i use in order to test the relationship between my variables, and to see if my dependent variable can predict bahaviours in others. Here is the deal: I am investigating 6 products (independent) (i think this is...
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    Ordinal predictor in multiple linear regression

    Hi, I am running a multiple linear regression and one of my predictor variables is ranked data (5 levels of measurement). I was advised that it was fine to include this in the analysis but to indicate that it is ordered factor. The statistical advisor uses R not SPSS and is not 100% how to...
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    single Likert scale question analysis

    I work for a holiday company which uses a 7 grade Likert scale questionnaire to collect feedback from our guests. This is my first foray into statistics and my first post here (hope I'm in the right place!) although I find it fascinating, it's also confusing! My company uses the formula below to...
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    Want to recode a logarithmic scale to linear

    I have a set of variables measured on an ordinal scale. The format is LIKERT ranging from 1 ("Daily") to 6 ("less than once a year"). I think it is OK to analyze the data as interval scale data, then being able to use parametric tests. The underlying scale is logarithmic, meaning that 1 is...