paired or unpaired t test

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    Unpaired t-test is ok in this case?

    Good morning, I have two groups with the same number of participants (50 participants each group). Each group is invited to talk about subjects of conversation, each group selects 5 subjects, the subjects are different for both groups and each subject has a priority for each group, so group A...
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    Paired variables?

    In our research on apprenticeships in early modern times, we have a series of observations (cases), each with several variables. Each observation is unique because of its combination of the variables "student name" and "starting date of the apprenticeship" (a certain "student name" can occur in...
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    Paired or Unpaired t Test

    Hi, I am working on a project in which we are comparing data about two groups of patients: the experimental group of 12 patients who received a clinical care pathway and a temporal control of 12 patients who were immediately pre-pathway (i.e., we picked the last 12 patients operated on...