1. E

    Help with extracting a piece of information from a variable

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to extract a specific piece of one variable and create a new variable with just that piece of info. Specifically, I've got full addresses and I want just the zip code. Parsing doesn't work because the addresses are of varying lengths: Address...
  2. trinker

    Parse character

    I have a character string: "list(disc=c(.2, .4, .2), EE=c(.67, .54), PA=c(.86), DP=c())" I want a list: list(disc=c(.2, .4, .2), EE=c(.67, .54), PA=c(.86), DP=c()) Like... $disc [1] 0.2 0.4 0.2 $EE [1] 0.67 0.54 $PA [1] 0.86 $DP NULL How? (parse was my first...