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    Standard deviation as a percentage

    Hi i'm new here and have a really quick question, How do you interpret a standard deviation given as a percentage (in this case 20%)? I need to use the variance in further calculations (working out type i and ii errors), the data is normally distributed, and the sample size is 30, i have...
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    Comparing percentages

    I am doing a study, and have gathered the following data: A patient population was divided into 3 categories: Young patients (n=19) / Middle aged patients (n=66) / Old patients (n =20) Based on a questionairre, we have categorized each patient into 2 categories: "Yes family history of...
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    Recurring Event, Probability of Totals

    Hi. I'm actually not working on homework, but trying to make odds tables for a card game called Summoner Wars to practice/learn math for fun. It's a typical dice battle game, where various characters roll varying amounts of dice to attack. For each die, if they role a 3, 4, 5, or 6, it...