permutation combination

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    Number of ways to divide 12 people into 3 teams, where order matters or it does not

    How many ways are there to categorize 12 people into 3 teams of 4? if order does not matter: 12!/4!4!4!3! or ((12 choose 4)(8 choose 4) (4 choose 4))/3! if order matters across teams: 12!/4!4!4! (or (12 choose 4) (8 choose 4) (4 choose 4)) Then, if order matters within teams or if order...
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    Solving a permutations-combinations problem

    Hi Could you please explain to me how to do the following question? "There are 12 beads in an urn, where 5 of them are blue, 4 are red and 3 are yellow. Beads with the same colour are identical. You pick out 9 beads randomly from the urn without replacement. a) Find the probability that there...
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    How many different combinations can a user make?

    I would like to figure how many different ways a report can be filtered. The report shows how many different units were sold. Filter 1: Allows users to select property state - there are 50 different choices. Filter 2: Allows users to select color - there are 6 different colors Filter 3: Allows...