planned contrasts

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    F test significant but simple contrasts not

    Hi All, I have conducted a repeated measures ANOVA, examining one of my dependent variables over 5 time points. I have a significant main effect from my F test but not when i am examining my simple contrasts (see images below). Could anyone offer any advice on why this is and what should be...
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    Planned contrasts in Friedman's ANOVA

    Is it possible to investigate planned contrasts in Friedman's ANOVA or is it only possible to investigate pairwise comparisons? Thank you for your help!
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    Why is 10 the maximum number of planned contrasts allowable in SPSS v21

    I'm analyzing data from 8 different populations of plants. Variances are unequal so I can't proceed with ANOVA or Tukey. So, I need to conduct PLANNED CONTRASTS in order to compare each mean with every other mean. I want to produce a table from the contrast results showing which populations...