poisson distribution

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    Likelihood ratio test for two Poisson variables

    I have two variables: X1 ~ Poi (λ1) and X2 ~ Poi (λ2), with n1 = n2. How can I use a likelihood ratio test to test the null hypothesis H0: λ1 = λ2?
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    Help! poisson distribution test on spatial

    .i'm working on my thesis about bio diversity and stat analyses include poisson distribution. there is no process showing how to compute poisson (like how to solve for mean) on other thesis i've seen. Here is my Data: Species --- Site 1 --- Site 2 --- Site 3 1 --- 4 --- 4...
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    Which kind of general linear model?

    Hello statisticians, Let me introduce myself. I am a 19 year old student Applied Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). We are given a task for the course 'regression and anova' consisting of 5 questions. The first four questions were no problem but I'm stuck at the last...
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    I Need Help with Poisson Distribution Problem!!

    I don't know where to even start with this Poisson Dist. problem, can anyone help me solve this??? The Hillel Sandwich Shop specializes in delivery of sandwiches in New York's financial district. Customers phone or fax Hillel their orders, which are then delivered directly to the customer's...
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    Writing null hypothesis and deciding on rejection criteria

    The number of faults in one metre of a thread is Poisson distributed.It is claimed that the average number of faults is 0.02 per metre.A random sample of 100 one metre lengths of the thread reveals a total of 6 faults.Does this information support the claim? What I want to know whether my H0...
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    Hypothesis testing in poisson distribution

    At a nuclear plant great care is taken to measure the employees health.These are the number of visits made by each of the 10 employees to the doctor during a calender year. 3,6,5,7,4,2,3,5,1,4 Assuming the number of visits made by employee has a poisson distribution ,test the hypothesis that...
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    MLE of a weirdly split lambda in a Poisson distribution

    Hi everyone! :) I'm new here. I have been looking everywhere for the solution to this problem so here's to hoping some of you can help me. :) The number of cases X of a rare disease is assumed to follow a Poisson distribution, X ~ Poi(lambda) We want to analyse the prevalence of the...
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    Poisson Model Help

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time finding my lambda for this homework question. I know something has to be multiplied to get it into the same units and that lambda has to be an average. However all the information I am given is an average. If you could help me that would be great!! Here...
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    Probability distribution of active calls at a telephone exchange

    Please, could someone help me with this exercise from this book: Suppose that calls arrive at a telephone exchange according to a Poisson process with parameter lambda. If the lengths of the various calls are identical and independent random variables, each with cumulative distribution function...
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    Fitting log-linear models to survey data with cluster variance corrections.

    Dear folks-- This is not exactly a psych question, but I thought this was the forum wher I would find the most knowledge about log-linear models. If i shold relocate the question, please let me know. If you have catagorical count data from a large survey, with reported varience estimates fo...
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    poisson question

    OK here is an exercise that i don't understand how to solve: imagine a balcony that attends client. For every 10 min. the number of people getting attended follows a Poisson distribution with an expected value of 2. the balcony only works from 9am till 12 am, and only attends 40 people at Max...
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    Poisson or Binomial

    Hi, im trying to make sure i have the difference between when to use Binomial and Poisson distributions firmly understood. Regarding the following question, im assuming its a Binomial since its possible to determine p and q even though a rate is specified? Question) If a baseball batter hit 4...
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    Poisson distribution, no call on 3 days out of 5 between 10.00am and 10.10am

    Hi, im having some issues with the following question. Question) A sales manager receives 6 phone calls on average between 9.30am and 10.30am on a weekday. Find the probability that during a 5 day working week, there will be exactly 3 days on which she receives no calls between 10am and...
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    sum of independant poisson processes help

    HI, I've a question that says accidents to people and animals are independant poisson processes with intensity lambda and mu respectively. I'm asked given that the total amount of accident last year was 4, what is the distribution of no. of accidents to people? I'm not quite sure how to approach...
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    poisson processes help

    Hi, i'm stuck on a basic poisson process question. If Xt (where t is a subscript) is a poisson process with intensity lambda what is the conditional distribution of Xt1 = N(0,t1] for t>t1? I think N(0,t1] denotes the number of arrivals from 0 to t1. Helpwould be appreciated as I don't even know...
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    Poisson distribution - goodness of fit

    I want to test goodness of fit for poisson distribution for a very large data set (~millions of records). Can anybody suggest a method? All the methods that are available are for small data sets.
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    Likelihood Ratio Test Statistic

    Hi guys, Heres my problem: ********** Data X1,X2,....,Xn, n = 20, are available of numbers of flaws per 10 metres of bales of a manufactured material. Assuming that the Poisson model is valid for these data, the probability mass function of X is: fx(x; theta) =...
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    Distribution and modeling of TV ad views

    An advertiser can show his ad in several different time windows on TV. For each time window the number of viewers who have their TV turned on (=viewers) varies. In addition it is assumed that the probability a viewer actually recognizes a broadcasted ad (=recognition rate) is not only different...
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    M.g.f for Poisson distribution

    Hello, I am having trouble understanding the maths between E(e^{tx}) where I get a summation from 0 to \infty and the m.g.f for Poisson distribution. The notes I have are to break out e^{-\lambda}/e^{-\lambda e^t} (Now, don't get me wrong - I DO get how to make this last expression easier on...