poisson regression

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    Can anyone explain Poisson regression for doing time trend?

    It would be a big help if someone could give a practical example (by hand) how Poisson regression is used to calculate a time trend line, and calculate a confidence interval for whether there is a trend. Here is some sample data if you would like (Texas viral hepatitis deaths): Year, Events...
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    Accounting for demographics when outcome is rates

    Hello, I've been reading some public health papers and they account for demographic factors such as age, gender, and race in regression models (poisson/negative binomial) where the outcome is daily/monthly rates. Considering that the demographic factors are at the individual level and rates...
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    best regression for slaughterhouse variable?

    I'd like to know how several variables are related to the number of small-scale slaughterhouses at the county level throughout the US. There are over 3000 observations. By far, most counties vary between 0-2, but there is a small handful of higher population areas with many more. LA is the...
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    Model Cross-Validation Issue: Comparing models w/ and w/o error

    Hi folks: I'm trying to apply cross-validation of models (e.g. the paper "On Cross-Validation of Bayesian Models" by Alqallaf and Gustafson) in the context of count data and have run into an interesting problem. My understanding of how such cross-validation should work is that one draws...
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    Alternatives to Poisson regression for overdispersed count data

    Hi all, I'm currently analyzing data from a series of behavioral experiments that all use the following measure. The participants in this experiment are asked to select clues that (fictitious) other people could use to help solve a series of 10 anagrams. The participants are led to believe...
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    Poisson regression

    Hi, I read that Poisson regression is used when the dependent variable is a "count". But what if both the dependent and the independent variables are counts? Should you still use a poisson regression (assuming that the dependent variable has a poisson distribution)? thanks:)
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    log linear model for dependence

    Hi I fitted a log linear model (proc genmod dist=negative binomial link=log) to see any dependence/association between 3 categorical variables. I know how to evaluate the best model but i have difficulty to explain the following output. parameter p-value...