price elasticity

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    Logit regression to evaluate real price test

    Dear statistically inclined people, I'm asking for your help in a real world price test evaluation. I've had two years of stats and econometrics back at uni a couple of years ago and am trying to scramble all my knowledge together - would be awesome if you could help me a bit :-). [Here a...
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    Estimating the demand function for a product

    Hi everyone! I have around 20 products with 30 monthly observations for each that I need to analyze. I have data on demand, normal price, discount in percent, as well as some categorical variables but we can disregard these categorical variables for now. I want to understand for...
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    Log-Log Multiple Regression - How to incorporate discount + interpreting

    Hello smart people! I am working on a project where I’m trying to understand consumers’ price elasticity, and I was hoping I could get some input from you statistics/econometrics experts (my skills are not very advanced…). I am using historical sales data in order to assess the impact of...