price testing

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    Factor Analyzing Price Time Series

    Hi I have a question regarding using factor analysis for price time series (specifically, online advertising prices of various versions of ads). To build the correlation matrix for FA, would I use the raw price series, or should I be using the interval changes of that series? Thanks
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    Logit regression to evaluate real price test

    Dear statistically inclined people, I'm asking for your help in a real world price test evaluation. I've had two years of stats and econometrics back at uni a couple of years ago and am trying to scramble all my knowledge together - would be awesome if you could help me a bit :-). [Here a...
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    Determining the winner between two pricing strategies

    I'd like to conduct an A/B split test of pricing strategies on two web pages, and I'd like to know when to stop the test and declare the leader as the winner, at a specified level of confidence. The winner is the offer that returns the most revenue per visitor. Example: Offer A gets 1000...