probability distributions

  1. T

    Probability Over 2 Sequences Of Trials

    Hey everyone! I'm coding a program that identifies appearances of a lowercase "x" in a base64 encoded string. Like the following: DWADCrxV+PhR4zxkQrIMUtarkN11aitHI8DEnzyG19CD... I know the probability of finding at least one "x" in a sequence of 10 chars. My doubt is about dealing with...
  2. S

    Probability Mass/Density Function

    Hi, I have a matrix of 24x15500 (time x no.of occurrences of an event). The number of occurrences is in the form of binary (0/1). I took the percentage of occurrence for each time, so I ended up getting the following 24x1 matrix. 1 0.999935612645676 1 0.994913399008435 0.973150473247054...
  3. S

    Finding probability with a sample size and no SD or mean

    I have a problem dealing with finding a desired percentage and I'm only familiar with finding these kinds of probabilities with a standard deviation and sample mean present. I believe I need to utilize the Z-scores to find this probability but I'm not sure how to get started. Any guidance to get...
  4. J

    Convolution of two probabilities (non-independent)

    I was wondering if the following is true, where * denotes convolution: p(A|C,D) = p(A|B) * p(B|C,D). Basically, I want to know if convolution will marginalize out B. My intuition says this is correct, but I'm not entirely certain. Thank you. Josh
  5. H

    Mean waiting time due to aggregation of k poisson arrivals

    Dear Experts: I want to calculate the mean waiting time due to aggregation of k arrivals following poisson process with rate #λ#. Arrivals are served in chunk i.e., if N arrivals reach buffer, OR deterministic timer T expires. The timer ALWAYS starts at the first arrival. So, first arrival reach...
  6. sepinaz

    Can we model the experiments as a stochastic process and estimate the sample size?

    I have an image with the size `5575x9440` and I'm implementing a modified version of the algorithm used in this paper on it, but because the code performance is low right now, I have divided the image to `52628` submatrices of the size `25x40 (1000 pixels)` and my first experiments show that...
  7. R

    Choosing the right probability distribution

    Hi, I have different response variables of migrating birds, which I want to investigate via regression: 1.) some kind of speed (distance per hour) 2.) the ratio of restig days versus migrating days 3.) A measure for the "straightnes" of the flight, restricted between 0 and 1 (1 is a...
  8. DrAnthonyRodriguez

    Type of Discrete Distribution

    What type of discrete probability distribution is the probabilities of the sum of the outcomes of an infinite number of dice rolls? The probabilities are: P(2)=1/36, P(3)=2/36, P(4)=3/36, ..., P(12)=1/36 Thank you. Dr. T
  9. spunky

    Multivariate distributions that are 'closed' under marginalization?

    a very, very nice property of the multivariate normal distribution is that any lower-dimensional margins are also multivariate (or univariate, depending on how low you go) normally distributed. does anyone know any other distributions for which this property is true? is there some sort of...
  10. C

    Probability and Sampling distribution

    Would you please explain me the difference between *Probability distribution and Sampling distribution* easily ? Is that the difference : in probability distribution we have probability for every individual whereas in sampling distribution we get probability for statistic ? Does sampling...
  11. J

    What statistics to use to find a possible correlation of coinciding null results?

    I would like your advice on the following problem: I am investigating the following data: For 600 trials data was gathered simultaneously from two sources (locations in rats brain). Each trial was investigated and either a result was found (some time stamp) or no result was found (a "zero...
  12. D

    How to combine Probability Distribution Function of Two correlated variables?

    I have the probability distribution Functions(PDF) of the wind speeds of two wind sites which have a certain Pearson's correlation coefficient. How can I combine the PDFs of these two sites? I don't have the time stamped data of these two sites, rather, I only have the distributions and...
  13. S

    Generating Random Sample

    I know that R can easily generate random samples for know distributions - normal, exponential, uniform. But how can I generate a random sample from a known probability distribution (that is not listed)? The probability distribution is rather simple: f(x) = 2x^-3 So, how can I generate a...
  14. C

    Help with derivation of probability density of {event generation} & {event detection}

    I would like to specify a new probability distribution that relates to an event of size M being produced by some process and subsequently detected. Some assumptions : 1) If the event is detected there is no loss of information regarding its size. 2) There are no false detections - An...
  15. A

    I've been stuck for a while on this part. Help would be really appreciated!

    Let X1, . . . , Xn be IID Exponential(?) random variables. Use mgfs to find the distributionofY =X1 +...Xn.
  16. L

    Probability of a team making the finals

    Hi, I am trying to find how to calculate the probability of "x" number of events happening within "y" opportunities. However each opportunity has a different probability. For example to calculate the probability of "TEAM WOW" winning 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 games out of the 4 games they play...
  17. E

    Comparing 2 continuous uniform distributions

    I have what appears to be a very simple problem, but am having difficulties working out a solution. Any help would be much appreciated. The problem can be specified as follows Imagine there are two random variable, X and Y, both of which follow a continuous uniform distribution. Random...
  18. F

    particle representation of a distribution

    hi, I stumbled upon the 'particle representation of a distribution' but couldn't find a propoer definition of it. What is it used for? Any comments would be highly appreciated. Cheers, M
  19. Y

    Probability of getting different results when tossing a coin

    Here's a question I got for homework: Here's what I have so far: In every round (time unit) the possible results and so Which means we're dealing with a geometric distribution. What doesn't feel right is that the question mentions 'discrete time units'. That makes me think about a...
  20. O

    probability distribution

    Hello All, I calculated an average latency value let say 3 units then after observing the network I found that different nodes have the fallowing differnt latency i.e. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 units. now I need to assign probability to each latency considering that the value which is more closer to...