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    Soccer betting probability, risk and odds question - help

    Hello, Consider two different cases of soccer betting. 1) The first consists of 32 different sets of matches (each consisting of 5 matches with different odds of their own). Some of the individual matches (of 5 matches) in the sets can be the same with another set from time to time, but...
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    Help with interpreting data regarding religious Affiliation and aspirations to cheat

    An article is claiming that likelihood to cheat can be predicted by religious affiliation. I have provided some of their data on their sample of aspiring cheaters. I gathered data on religious affiliation in the United States. Given the following information, what can we conclude...
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    IP probability question

    hi guys. as you know, IP is a combination of 4 parts. every part is from 0-255, for example now, my question is, what is the probability that two IPs will get the exact same first 3 parts. for example and is it just 256^3? and what is the chance that...
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    How to determine the accuracy of three combined tests

    Hypothetically, I have three tests that can determine if someone has cancer or doesn't have cancer. A True positive would indicate that the person doesn't have cancer. Below is a description of each test. Test 1: TP=.7 , FN = .3 , FP= .1 , TN = .9 , Accuracy = 80% Test 2: TP=.8 , FN = .2 , FP=...
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    A simple probability theory question, but the answer may not be simple.

    Hi, I have the following question. Suppose I draw a measure of 0<m<1 points uniformly without replacement from [0,1]. What is the probability that less than or equal to a measure of 0<k<m<1 points are drawn from the interval [i,1]? WLOG, suppose k<1-i. An example: a measure of 1/3 points...
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    2 Coops and Chickens problem

    Hi, I have a question as homework to solve, but although it's so easy (as everyone says) I am not still able to solve it. Could you please help me with that? We have two coops: in coop 1 there are 10 male and 5 female chickens. Coop 2 has 5 male and 10 female chickens. We randomly select...
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    Statistics Probability question

    At an allergist’s office, patients are screened for having a peanut allergy. The probability of having a peanut allergy is 0.023. The probability that the test comes up positive for those with a peanut allergy is 0.80. The probability that the test provides a negative result for those who do not...
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    Model Verification: Verification of Environmental Dispersion Model

    I am working with an environmental dispersion model, that I am trying to verify with measured data. We have a six receptors (measurement stations) in the field that measures gas concentrations that could be attributed to release from a plant. For each receptor I have 28 (14 years of semi-annual...
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    Help understand probability in a simply random sample

    Quoted is an extract for Sample Survey Principles and Methods, Vic Barnett(2002) Pg 34 The concept of probability averaging only arises in relation to some prescribed probability sampling schemes. Thus, for simple random sampling we have the concept of the expected value of y_i, the ith...
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    A question in order statistics of continuous type distribution

    Let X1,X2,… be a sequence of random variables from a continuous type distribution and m and n be two integers such that m<n, and 2≤n−m. How can I show the probability that the third-order statistic of X1,…,Xm is equal to the fifth-order statistic of X1,…,Xn is 6⋅(n−5 m−3)(n m)?
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    Limit in probability of (x-bar)^2 ?

    Anyone have any idea how to prove or show what the limit in probability of (x-bar)^2 is? sample is drawn from CDF F(x)=1-x^-4
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    How to determine distribution with no parameters

    I'm confused by this question and I was hoping for some guidance some one to point me in the right direction Let X1.........Xn be a random sample from a population with mean μ, that is E(Xi)=μ for all 1≤i≤n. Define Yi=1 if Xi<μ and Yi=0 otherwise a) Determine the distribution of...
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    Event Tree Probability Question

    Event Tree Probability Question. One has tried looking this one up and Googling it, One is also dispraxic so while math can be tricky if one can get the concept and explanation behind something generally work at it until one understands. However, it has to be repeatedly gone over otherwise...
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    Reason for your degree?

    Hey guys, I need a big favour from you all, if you wouldn’t mind. I have to put together a study for my Stats intro class and I was hoping to get some of the data from you all. :) The question is: Which reason has most influenced your degree choice: career aspirations, interest in the...
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    The probability that in a fair a person will hit the balloon is 0.25. What is the probability that a person will hit 2 balloons using binomial distribution. Thanks In advance
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    Probability question - Cards

    Hello everyone! I just started to study statistics by myself because I spent a semester abroad and there are no more lectures at the University, if you have any hints about how to study statistics you are more than welcome to share them with me. Here is the exercise: We choose at random...
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    Probability of selecting two different colored balls

    Given an urn with x red balls, and y green balls, thoroughly mixed, what is the probability of choosing two colors in the first two picks, when the first pick is put back before the second pick?
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    Risk probability assesment

    Your exam could be marked with a range of possible grades, simplified as on the following state diagram: Acceptable To begin with the chances are that you will pass with a standard result. Each 45 minutes (the time allocated for each answer) your grade could go up or down to a...
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    Matrix representation

    A very new European “Rapid Reaction Force for Fire” has been created today and begins operation between three Countries “A”, “B” and “C”. It’s main resource is a super aircraft “Funderbird2” with a massive water cannon that even carries a small mini-submarine for fighting fires at sea...
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    this is my question Suppose 20% of the items produced by a factory are defective. Suppose 12 items are chosen at random. Find the probability that 2 are defective. How to solve this ? Is this a binomial distribution question ?