1. Emma Doherty

    What to do with proportion response variable

    Hey! I am so confused as to what to do with my data. I have 5 types of communication signal A,B,C,D,E recorded. For 26 individuals, I have counted the total number of signals they produced, and converted the number of A,B,C,D,E from the total into mean proportions eg. mean proportion of total...
  2. hlsmith

    One-Sample Bayesian Proportion Test In the above (short) paper, the authors present an approach for a one-sample Bayesian proportion test with uninformed and informed priors. Below I have presented code for the informed setting, which consists of just a few lines of code. However...
  3. R

    Large Sample Surveys

    Dear Forum, I encountered an employee satisfaction survey report which sampled 50,000 employees (try not to laugh, that's a sample not the population). The authors reported % agreement based on Likert scales, which is not great, but ok, and compared said "scores" to a normative benchmark (for...
  4. D

    Interpret GLM model in test of difference in proportions

    I'm facing the following situation: We conducted a marketing campaign with three groups: 2 test vs 1 of control, where two different type of coupons sent to the two test groups, 3 euros vs. 6 euros. I understand that the best way to test the difference in proportion is a GLM model with binomial...
  5. A

    Comparing subsets of a population with a very different size (power law case)?

    My population (12000 data) is characterized by events that are either of type A or of type B. My goal is to figure out whether the relative proportion of A with respect to B does change if a property of the events (the size in my case) change. My first approach was quite simple: dividing the...
  6. J

    Interpretation of a lagged dependent variable, coefficient as proportion- Panel data

    Dear experts! I am having some difficulties in interpreting the results of my regression model using Blundell–Bond linear dynamic panel-data estimation (xtdpdsys). Countries in scope: 7, firms: 30, time period 15 years (annual observations) My dependent variable is: - RD...
  7. W

    Time Series - Difference over time

    Hello, I'm new in the time series, so I need some help. I have a short time series (5 quarters), with the proportion of a parameter (public transport-user people). I know there are some effects of TS (trend, seasonal, cyclic and random). I would like to testing the (significant) difference...
  8. trinker

    Confidence intervals for proportions: approximating a discrete distribution with a co

    I saw on this website The following quote about calculating a CI for a proportion: Giving: p \pm Z_{.95}\sqrt{\frac{p(1-p)}{N}} \pm \frac{.5}{N} Where (it appears) N is the sample size. Another website...
  9. M

    Non-proportion percentage as a response

    Moderator note: This thread was split from a previous thread as it didn't directly address the question in the previous thread and deserves its own space Hi everybody, I know it is a bit old topic but I hope someone can give me advice. I have a similar situation (ANOVA with percentages) but...
  10. A

    quick stats question(standard error), please help!

    Suppose after performing a random experiment, it comes out that exactly 3 out of 20 to 30 year old males are shorter than 5.5 feet. consider the proportion of people in the sample that are shorter than 5.5 feet. What is the standard error of this sample proportion?
  11. G

    Calculating sample size

    Hello, I am going to conduct a research and would like to estimate the sample size that I will need. Here is the information that I have, please let me know if you need some more information. Thanks in advance. We know from previous research that the probability of phenomena in one group...
  12. Z

    Hypothesis test of proportion from a table

    I have a column with 50 data points regarding gender of the respondent (male or female). Is there a direct way to calculate if the number of males in the dataset is significantly more than number of females? I can calculate the number of males and females and then use prop.test. But is there...
  13. J

    confidence interval that violates physical boundaries

    :wave::wave::wave: Hi, Colleagues, A model is supposed to predict a value that represents proportion, namely, the predicted value should be in [0,1]. However, model is just a linear regression, producing confidence intervals violating the boundaries of [0,1]. Of course it is not an adequate...
  14. J

    Power test - which one is suitable for me

    I have a group of 200 female individuals that are either infected or uninfected. The infected proportion is known at generation (G) 0 when I mixed infected and uninfected females at 10% (therefore 20 infected, 180 uninfected). This infection frequency is expected to increase in each...
  15. M

    Regression where IV/predictor is a proportion, bounded by 0 and 1

    Hi, I know that if the outcome variable is a proportion, I'd need to run a beta regression, but can anyone advise on running a regression where the IV is bounded between 0 and 1? (DV is continous). Data meet all other parametric assumptions. Thanks.
  16. A

    Test the difference between the variance of two proportions

    Hello everyone, How can I test the difference between the variance of two proportions? Best, Ale
  17. M

    Confidence intervals for multiple proportions

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how to calculate confidence intervals for non-binomial proportion data of which I have multiple samples? I'll give an example to clarify: Proportion1 Proportion2 Proportion3 Proportion4 Proportion5 Proportion6 Sample1 0.93926 0 0.00204 0.0585 0.0002 0...
  18. G

    Assessing outliers in a proportion

    Hi all, Just wondering how one would assess outliers in the following: At the start of a two week period, people were asked to nominate a number of good deeds that they would perform in the next two weeks (N). At the end of the two weeks, they report how many they actually perform (C)...
  19. J

    Proportion command: calculating unemployment rates

    Hello, I'm trying to calculate unemployment rates from survey data. I've used the command proportion to obtain monthly rates, per region. Thing is I get this horrible table, which I can copy to excel and manipulate it there. How could I save it as stata data? Also, is there a way I...
  20. G

    Can AMOS work with data composed of probabilities rather than correlations?

    Hello everyone, My question is a bit unusual, since it is not about the program itself, but regarding the data. I have a matrix representing (reverse) distance between each pair of objects. In SEM, we usually work with correlations. A higher correlation represents variables that are closer...