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    PSPP has no undo function?

    I've been using pspp a little bit so far, but when I accidentally deleted one of my cases after pressing 'clear case'and wanted to get it back, I found there was no undo button in the edit tab nor did pressing ctrl+z work. The search function on the forum seems to not be working right now so I...
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    Beginner questions: Clinical trial

    Hi there! I am a medical student working on my PhD, and I am analyzing some data for a meeting. Since we don't learn much about statistics (at least not here in Germany :D), I have some beginner questions and I would be extremely happy if you could help me. The first question is the most...
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    Using PSPP to convert .SAV dataset into SAS data format

    Hello I am trying to convert an SPSS .SAV dataset into a SAS dataset using PSPP. Could someone please let me know if this is possible. We use a survey software that exports data in SPSS .SAV format. We use SAS for our analysis so have to convert the SPSS dataset into SAS. Usually this...