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    What analysis do I use best? (SPSS)

    Hi all I'm doing research on pay in function of degree (master vs. doctorate) and gender (man vs. woman). My research consists of 1 dependent variable: salary (salary varies from 210 euro to 12.000 euro in absolute numbers) and 1 independent variable degree (master vs. doctorate) and 1...
  2. K

    t-test or ANOVA? urgent

    Hi, I am looking for advice about which stat test to use in my data analysis for our psychology class. We collected data on reasoning tests scores. I have two groups of participants 1) non-bilingual 2) bilingual and dependent variable in the form of reasoning scores in 1) spatial reasoning...
  3. N

    ANCOVA dilemma

    Hi All, Ive been given this question: Categorise the participants into high stress and low stress groups. Compare the two groups in relation to another psychological variable while controlling for a second variable. The data i have available (which i don't need to use all) is age, gender...
  4. S

    Percentages and statistical significance

    This might be a deceptively easy question, in which case I'm sorry. In an experiment involving word lists and critical lures (i.e. recreation of Roediger and McDermott, 1995), participants were either given a distractor task or asked for immediate recall of word lists. We found that a high...
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    Help URGENT deadline!! What data analysis method should I use to test the effect 1 variable has on 3 other variables ?

    Hello, I’ve just joined and am in need of any help that I can get. Basically I wanted to test whether phubbing ( snubbing someone to use your phone) impacts relationship satisfaction, sense of self-worth and respect for your partner. Does anyone know what statistical analyses I would need to...
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    Mixed methods ANCOVA

    Hey, I wondered if anyone could help me out. I am trying to conduct an ANCOVA for my masters project and am confused on how to enter the data. So I have 2 IVS; group (treatment or control) and time point (T1 and T2). I have a covariate (which a bed use at T0) and my DV is bed use - looking...
  7. Y

    Prediction from predicted/residual values compare to standard error of the estimate

    Hello. I have to indicate how good prediction is, by looking at the actual, predicted, and residual values, compare to the standard error of the estimate. I understand that the smaller standard error of the estimate is more accurate, and is a better prediction. But when “Residual score...
  8. V

    Linear Regression Interpretation

    Hi there, I am running a Multiple Linear Regression analysis. I have 2 predictor variables (self-worth and self-acceptance) and 1 criterion variable (self-esteem). As hypothesized, self-worth and self-acceptance reliably predicted the scores on self-esteem (eg. higher scores on the...
  9. N

    1 DV w. four levels, 2 IV's

    I'm testing the predictive effects of mood (positive/negative) and personality traits (extraversion and neuroticism) on music preference (interest level in 4 different musical categories). This follows a between-subjects design. A positive or negative mood was induced via video...
  10. A

    Factorial MANOVA or multivariate multiple linear regression? (2 DVs and 6 IVs)

    Hello, Very briefly, I'm working on my research proposal for my Psych MSc, and I'm trying to work out which tests would be best to use. As it currently stands, I have: 2 interval DVs (1 = score on a stress scale, 2 = score on a psychological wellbeing scale). 6 categorical IVs (all images of...
  11. S

    Discriminant Analysis? Or something else?

    Hi guys, This is my homework question. I would appreciate if i could get some idea of where i'm wrong. Determine whether the variables Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption can be used to discriminate between the three diagnostic categories or levels of heart disease (0=no heart disease...
  12. T

    Is this Experimental Design even possible? Help please!

    Hello all, First thank you in advance for any and all help given in response to this question. I've been searching this forum as well as other places online and I'm still confused about what methodology I should use in this experiment. DESIGN: Participants are given two questionnaires...
  13. I'm-your-0

    The appropriate form of analysis / technique and terms?

    My assignment is to do the give the appropriate form of analysis / technique or term for a list of scenarios. I am lost on a few and would appreciate help with this one in particular. A psychology professor wanted to reduce test anxiety for her students. She wanted to know whether if day of...
  14. H

    Help with Independent T-Test!

    Hi guys, Really struggling with one part of analysis of my collected data - I'm sure it's probably something quite straightforward but just can't get my head around it! To simplify (so as not to bore you all!), I have 2 questions, participants are coded based on whether they answered the...
  15. W

    Someone please help me with these hypothesis testing questiong!!!

    Hi Everyone, I've got an extra credit for my statistic for social science/psychology, and I've barely hitting the mark to get a pass. So I was given extra credit questions. but I don't really know how to do them. Hope someone could really help me on this! Thanks![/ATTACH]
  16. Z

    Paired Sample t-tests do not link up with the Repeated-Measures ANOVA

    Hello, I'm currently writing up my results section for my dissertation that's looking at the nocebo effect. I'm using a repeated-measures ANOVA that has three factors each with two levels, synchronicity (synchronous vs. asynchronous), phase (pre-conditioning vs. post-conditioning), and...
  17. B

    Multiple Regression Analysis including Control Variables

    Hi Everyone, Currently I'm working on my masterthesis for which I created a model which was approved by the University. I decided that I want to improve the quality of the model by taking two control variables into account: Age & Organizational tenure. All the variables in this model consist...
  18. M

    correlation or not?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help. My question is: should I use Correlation in order to see if one of the variable influences the other? Thanks in advance
  19. M

    One variable influencing the other

    Hey everyone! I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help. I have this one project, that I need to finish, and the objective of it is to see if one variable has any influence on the other. More precisely, I need to know if anxiety can influence the performance on tests (test...
  20. A

    Confusion with writing command for meta-analysis in STATA

    I am a beginner in STATA and do not understand how to write syntax for the meta-analysis command using the variables in my research study. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! My study: I am trying to use meta-analysis to investigate how several different variables impact prevalence...