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    Hartung Method of combining dependent pvalues

    I am trying to understand how this method actually works, the mathematics behind is complicated and i need help to understand it. There is not a lot literature on this method, Just one paper that i came across...
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    Means are not different but significant

    Hi. I have a query, generated from PrediXcan analysis but more related to statistics. I have the two means of predicted expression values for geneA: 0.724868 (controls) and 0.700837 (cases). But the P-values reported in association file form PrediXcan is 1.56132574034295e-22 (controls)...
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    Stepwise Regression Limitations Explanation

    I've recently been working on building a model and have come across a number of different approaches. I'm particularly interested in the limitations of using Stepwise regression as it has a huge amount of criticism online, however I can't find much material detailing why it's a poor method to...