1. K

    How do I compare 3 or more regression?

    Hi everyone, My objective is to test whether the performance between 6 portflios significantly differ. In short, I have multiple independent variables (4) that benchmark returns of different market portfolios (Carhart 4-factor), where the dependent variables are the returns of the portfolio...
  2. A

    Time Series Analysis with Python

    Does any body know how to convert a mixed DataFrame containing both Unix and datetime to datetime only feature(with Python) Data frame head is given in the below attachment P.S Please help. I can not find solutions from the net.
  3. D

    PS Matching in SPSS v 27 on Mac 10.14

    Hello I tried to run PS match from Data menu in SPSS (Python Fuzzy) or R (Essentials for R). Both failed. R is installed and directory could not be located despite going to the download folder. Similarly, Fuzzy is not installed but it is installed. I tried to run another extension prior to...
  4. H

    Data science course

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project in data science class. I'm exploring 911 data. I need to analyse the data by statistical tests and give business conclusions. I counted how many times there was car crash by year, month, day, hour and by town. I am using python for my project.
  5. Enable AI

    working student and internship position at German educational start-up

    We at Enable AI are a start-up from Stuttgart, Germany, and we want to empower people to understand and use artificial intelligence. We organize professional trainings and seminars in the B2B area with experts in deep learning, data analysis, data science, machine learning and artificial...
  6. spoikayi

    Lookup table for standardized tails of Pearson curves.

    Hello everyone, Hope you guys are having a nice holiday. I am trying to write a bit of code in which I want to look up the Up' and Lp' values based on the skewness and kurtosis of my data, from the following table. I am trying to code this in Python / R / JMP, but I cant find this table in any...
  7. S

    PyCM : New statistical analysis library for post classification in Python

    A classifier is expected to face with many datasets with different characteristics such as being unbalanced. Besides, their missions are different, for example, categorizing data into just two classes or more than two. There are many different parameters for evaluating the performance of a...
  8. P

    Correct calculation of BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion) to determine K for K-Means

    I am trying to calculate BIC in python. In python, there is no inbuilt library for computing BIC. I referenced the following link to compute variance and BIC further:-...
  9. T

    Two sample t-test between percents in Python?

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of data in the following format (sorry, it does not format well on here): Key Indicator-----------First Group------------Second Group ------------------Observations---Mean-----Observations----Mean 1 Grade change...
  10. T

    Which correlation test when researching the effect of previous success on change?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing research on business owners, who have started multiple businesses. I had a sample of 2500 businesses and looked at the business owners' success rate from their first to last business. That gave me two groups: 1) business owners who were SUCCESFUL in their first business...
  11. R

    Best way to treat integer/float column with null values in logistic regression

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can assist me with this issue. I am building a logistic regression model to predict purchase or not purchase based on web site behaviour data. One of the factors that I would like to include in the model is the visits to purchase and the days to purchase...
  12. S

    Syntax to use Python for renaming variables

    Hello! I am working with a very large dataset and I plan to merge in more years of similar data; however, the data will be panel data so I need to rename the variables with a suffix. I have worked all day on writing script (even started renaming each individual variable but gave up at #409 out...
  13. trinker

    Python nested list compared to R's

    Are these two things equivalent in R and Python respectively? r <- list(list(c("a", "b"), c("d", "e")), list(c("f", "g"), c("h", "i"))) python = [[("a", "b"), ("d", "e")], [("f", "g"), ("h", "i")]]
  14. rogojel

    What does Python offer that R can't?

    Hi, I am looking at Coursera data anlysis specializations and most (basically all except John Hopkins) offer Python as the language of choice for their courses. I really like R but I started to wonder if I am missing something? I just see no advantages in Python for data analysis, that would...
  15. P

    OMS OXML broken output, slow work

    Hello! I have SPSS 22 x64, and SAV file with about 400 cases. Syntax is FREQUENCIES VARIABLES=var01 var02 /ORDER=ANALYSIS. OMS /SELECT ALL /DESTINATION FORMAT=OXML OUTFILE="xmlout.xml". XML file appears with 0 size, than, after some time, it becomes bigger, but unfinished. For...
  16. Lazar

    Calling Python from R

    So I am trying to call python from R so I can use beautiful soup. I have tried both >system("python") and >library(rPython) >python.exec("import bs4 some more python script here") The issue I am running into in both cases is I get back "No module named bs4" I think the...
  17. D

    Converting syntax between python and STATA

    Dear colleagues, Im converting a code written in PYTHON to STATA and I'm stuck at the point when have to apply the iterative procedure. Cannot find the way to write the loop so that it includes the initial value and generates an estimate for lat. Has any of you got any experience with that...
  18. A

    Gibbs sampler problems

    I am trying to implement the gibbs sampler found here on page 175. It is written in R but I am trying to write it in Python but running into problems. Here is my python code from numpy import * import...
  19. A

    Kulldorff's Spatial Scan Statistic

    Hello, I have a semester project to develop a tool using Python which implements Kulldorff's algorithm and finds clusters in point (geo)data. Currently it is a mess: I understand Kuldorff's algorithm upto the part before it dives into Bernoulli & Poisson. I imagine I have to call certain...
  20. P

    conjoint in python

    Hello, I create a web page for conducting surveys (php) and there is also a module on conjoint analysis (orthogonal plan, two attributes at a time approach, trade-off matrix approach, etc) and I have a question: do you have any tips? I heard about a SPSS plugin for Python, has anyone used this...