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    Checking the adequacy of the sample size when the data set is qualitative

    I am trying the check whether my simple size is adequate. I have activity patterns for a set of people (An activity pattern is something like (1,2,9,3,4)). These activity patterns are qualitative data and due to that reason I cannot calculate a Standard Deviation using below equaltion...
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    Qualitative analysis

    Hello guys! Which test can I use for smaller data sets (<5 in a single cell, <20 in group, although N>500) but for larger grids (3x4, 4x5 etc.)? Chi - squared can be used for larger grids but not for smaller data sets (you have to use Fischer or Yates correction). Fischer or Yates correction...
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    Looking to see if there is a correlation between qualitative and quantitative data

    Hi, I have an environmental science issue where I'm trying to see if there is a correlation between some qualitative and quantitative data. (Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place). Basically at my work we have ecological contractors who assess whether particular natural areas have...