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    hello, will be greatful for advice!

    Hi, I carried out a presentation using the software Maple and asked a group of Advanced Level students a questionnaire: 1) Do you use computer programs often on your Mathematics course? 1 2 3 4 5 2) Do you understand more about...
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    How to analyse 5 point Likert scale questionnaire??

    Dear all, I have to analyse a 5 point Likert scale questionnaire (I have just one 10 point scale question). I was thinking in make correlations, is that OK? What else can I do? I will use SPSS for the analysis. I really appreciate your help!!! The questions are like this: Question 1...
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    Is this ordinal?

    Hi, My question in a survey is "What do you belive the general view of experts is regarding the causes of Climate change" and the answer options are : [ ] All scientists believe climate change is mostly due to Human contribution? [ ] Majority of scientists believe climate change is...
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    Post Tests on a one-group pre-test/post-test research design

    I have conducted a survey as a pre-test. Is it okay for the post-test to be a semi-opened questionnaire regarding the same content. Will validity be an issue?
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    regression in repeated-measures design with questionnaires as predictors

    Hi everyone, I have 2X2 repeated measures design (congruent/incongruent and negative/neutral). I want to predict the main effects and the interaction using questionnaires as depression, anxiety, etc. what is the best way to run this analysis? does someone have syntax for spss/other software...
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    Likert scale - questionnaire administered twice - longitudinal study

    Hi, I am running a longitudinal study which lasted for few months during which all participants used a specific communicaiton device. I conducted a questionnaire at the beginning and the same questionnaire was administrated at the end of the study. All participants performed the same...