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    How to create .tar.gz file in Rstudio-Windows

    I am trying to create an R package by using "Rstudio" for the first time ^_*. Actually, I wrote all the functions in several "R scripts" and the documentation by using roxygen2. I loaded and built (Ctrl+Shift+B) and it works "DONE(packageName)", I used roxgen2::roxgenise() for documentation...
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    Relative bias of estimates of multilevel logistic regression models

    The post is little bit lengthy , but it will give you thorough information and you can run the code easily . Trust me , I believe the answer is really very basic and not lengthy at all . I want to calculate relative bias of estimates of multilevel logistic model with one explanatory...
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    Star Schema with R

    Hello, I am a Business Intelligence Consultant working on OLAP cube and slowly learning R.Apologize if my question is a bit dummy orf/and been already answer but i am too new to know the correct keyword in order find an answer to my question. I read a book about R showing how to do deep...