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    Basic R-Software command questions (S.O.S)

    Hello. I just recently started to learn R, therefore, I am not very familiar with the commands. I will be more than grateful if someone explain how to input the following problems in R. I really want to learn to be good with this software. Thank you. Bob asks Alice for lunch together...
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    Patient data - Choosing the Right Model

    Hello, I just finished up my first year as a statistics major and have been assigned a summer project from my employer at the hospital near my school. The aim of the project is to use data from 50 patients infected with a certain disease, create a data model based on this information and use...
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    Comparing 3 Variables Drug trial what tests to do?

    I have been given a data set of 3 groups, 20 patients ine each measuring for drugA, drugB and placebo. with the effect of the drug in numerical form-> Here is my data set: Treatment Change.in.systolic 1 Placebo -1.26 2 Placebo -2.39 3 Placebo...