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  1. E

    Book Review - Essentials of Bio statistics: An overview with the help of software

    Would like to receive the review for the following book Essentials of Bio-statistics: An overview with the help of software www.ijsmi.com/book.php This book intends to provide an overview of biostatistics concepts and methodology through the use of statistical software. It helps clinicians...
  2. ybarnatan

    Which non-parametric test should I use while running GLM?

    I'm trying to analyze some experimental data about animal behaviour using R and would need some help or advice regarding which non-parametric test should I use. The variables I have are: - Response variable: "Vueltasmin", a numeric one - Explicatory variable: "Condicion", a factor with 6 levels...
  3. J

    Arguments imply differing number of rows: 1, 0

    I am trying to generate a cdf plot by using ggplot and have looked at some examples online. However when I try to replicate it I get the following error: "arguments imply differing number of rows: 1, 0" I made a search and it seems from what I gather the nrows!=ncol and that doesn't work for a...
  4. T

    HELP - citation model in R

    Hello everyone. I need help with the citation model as explained in This article "Bibliometric tools applied to analytical articles: the example of gene transfer‐related research" The model is expressed as C=KY+S C=cumulative number of citation Y=article life K=citation rate (number of...
  5. C

    R: Date Calculation

    Let I have some data against time : time <- seq(ISOdate(2007,7,1,0), ISOdate(2008,4,5,23), by = "1 hour") y <- rnorm(n = length(time)) dat <- data.frame(time = time, y = y) Now I am trying to create another variable `day_index` which will take value 1 for 2007-07-01...
  6. L

    Finite mixture bivariate probit model

    Hello, all, I would like to model my data using a bivariate probit model but would like to explain unobserved heterogeneity of the coefficients in the model using finite mixture. That is, I would like to explain the characteristics of the segments (sub groups) when I estimate my bivariate...
  7. L

    I need immediate help on how I can use R to do my project!!

    The project that I have decided to take is about how the success rate of a football team (considering a single league of 18 teams) depends on different factors like wages, revenue earned by team, etc.. I need immediate help!!
  8. A

    Help Needed: Multivariate Regression Using R

    I am testing the a couple of CAPM based models for my dissertation, and I have a healthy amount of stocks to regress, 5000 according to my last calculations, they’d have to be done as 75 stocks at a time, (in a portfolio). The number makes it an unrealistic task to accomplish manually, I have...
  9. A

    negative R² in output of randomForest package

    Hi everyone, I am currently writing my master thesis about random forests and just started to work with the R software. When I am running my model the output looks like this: Mean of squared residuals: 0.0002441535 % Var explained: -8.82 Can anyone explain me why I get a negative R²? I...
  10. J

    what stats to use?

    Dear All, As I am not experienced in stats I would like to ask for some stats suggestions for a study. study one: control impact with one impacted site and one reference site. Two species and biometrics taken. I need to see if the the impacted site increases biometrics. study two...
  11. C

    R code

    How does the code in R work? Why does it take 3 values? 0:2/5 [1] 0.0 0.2 0.4
  12. E

    Dredge in R

    Hi everyone, My knowledge in R statistical software is poor. Could eventually someone help me to understand which way I do dredge in R? How do I present all top models within 2 AIC and model averaged parameter estimates? Thank you in advance, Tom
  13. M

    R graphs and capabilities

    Hello everyone, I am a MATLAB-user (in my previous work & education) but my company has R installed (and I don’t think there is the will to get an expensive MATLAB license). I am vaguely familiar with R as I used it for a statistics class 8 years ago, but I haven’t touched it since then...
  14. R

    [R – lme function] Comparing curves in longitudinal data (growth curves)

    I think my problem is best solved by the use of multi-level models. However, I’d like to confirm if what I’m doing is right, and the use of the function is right too. I work with cells (biology), by doing electrophysiology. I apply to each cell a series of currents, in 20 pA steps, ranging from...
  15. S

    Median Interneuron Distance in R in the package Kohonen

    Hi all, I am trying to detect outliers using self organizing models in the R package Kohonen. In most of the papers the MID matrix (median interneuron distance) is used to assess possible outliers. Therefore, I am trying to compute the MID matrix from the output from the package Kohonen...
  16. L

    please help: Is this R-syntax is true?

    I want to ask some confusing in my mind regarding the data analysis: I have conducting the experimental trial in repeated measure by hours as below: Design: Completely Randomized Design--(in green houses)-there are 6 box unit...
  17. V

    multiple imputation and nested/hierarchical regression

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can conduct a nested/sequential/hierarchical regression using multiply imputed datasets in R or Stata? In Stata, I tried using nestreg but received an error message stating that was not possible. Many thanks for the help.
  18. J

    Latent Class Analysis / Regression with R

    Hi Everyone, I am doing an LCA with R. With help from fellows from the site and the manual I have been able to obtain the basic LCA output including the item response probabilities per class, estimated and predicted class population and membership; and the model fit information. However, I...
  19. J

    Repeated Measures Non-Parametric nparLD Pacakge

    Hi, I'm trying to analyze repeated measurements of body temperature data collected from 7 randomly chosen subjects (e.g. turtles). I am using R, along with the nparLD package. I am using Nonparametric Tests for my LD-F2 Design (http://www.inside-r.org/packages/cran/nparLD/docs/ld.f2) because...
  20. O

    Help! How do you make a choropleth in R!

    So I have a data set with the number of violent crimes known to police in various counties in Ohio since 1990 (the file is attached). Making the dataset (from now on, I'll refer to it as OH) readable in R was enough of a task for me and now figuring out how to make a choropleth is making me...