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    K-Fold Cross validation into groups

    Hi All, I'm wondering if I can get some assistances on how I can employ K-fold cross validation to data that needs to be split into groups. I know how to employ the K-fold cross validation for standard data where each row is an independent event, however in the example of horse racing context...
  2. S

    Standard deviation from ANOVA-table

    I am trying to find an estimate for σ , based on the ANOVA-table under, but I dont know where to start. Is it possible to find the estimate for σ from the residual standard error? if so, how?
  3. D

    Statistical significance of mailing

    Hi All, I'm needing help with identifying the statistical test to conduct in order to determine whether or not the results of my test are statistically significant. I have done a mailing and split the audience randomly into two discreet groups. I then have data for response, cost per...
  4. F

    Hamming distance for Presence-Absence

    Hi, I am trying to compare species presents into specific areas and look for comparison. I don't have aboundance data but Presence-absence in the form 0/1. So I have a matrix like this : specie area1 area2 area3 area4 A 1 1 0 1 B 0...