randomized control trials

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    [SPSS - Mixed Models] Repeated measurements data from randomised controlled trial

    I am analyzing data from a randomized clinical trial, with 2 intervention groups (placebo and intervention) and repeated measurements over time. I am planning to use linear mixed effects modeling to analyze this longitudinal data and determine whether the intervention causes a change in response...
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    Sampling in Randomized Evaluation

    I am designing an experiment in which the treatment is administered through information priming. I plan to conduct the experiment in a large city town. The town comprises of several blocks which are geographically contiguous. I plan to randomly pick four blocks and assign treatment (information...
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    Meta-analysis to compare 3 randomized control trials?

    I'm proposing to evaluate an outcome in three completed randomized controlled trials. The primary goal is to analyze a new outcome in each data set separately (i.e., 3 separate papers). A secondary aim is to compare across the three trials to see which intervention type was most effective...