1. K

    SPSS Creating final ranking of multi-response ranking question when mean is not possible (because N differs for each variable)

    Hello everyone, I used text box ranking with 10 answer options and the respondents were supposed to rank their Top 4 while leaving the other fields blank. I've created separate variables for each option and coded the following way: TOP1=1; TOP2=2; TOP3=3; TOP4=4; Missing=999 Using custom...
  2. W

    Best method for ranking

    Hello, I have the following table with 5 candidates and a frequency count of rankings obtained by each candidate in a series of activities. I need now to score the "best" candidate. Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Total cand1 65 34 7 4...
  3. C

    Ranking a Location using Linear Regression

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem with a software patented in the USA. It is a location evaluation software, which offers insights on determining the best location for starting-up a gas station / petrol station. While reading the patent thoroughly, I feel that the software operates based...
  4. P

    Rank data

    Hi, I have a question where I ask respondents (close to 100) to rank 5 attributes : Rank 1 for highest importance and 5 for lowest attribute_1 : Rank = attribute_2 : Rank = attribute_3 : Rank = attribute_4 : Rank = attribute_5 : Rank = How can I analyse the result. What test is applicable?
  5. A

    Regression analysis of ranked data

    The depended variable is Binary data and independent variables are ranks from 1 to 5. What methods i suppose to use in order to see relationship between these variables? If yes, then is there any preliminary analysis needed? Thanks,
  6. A

    Analysing ranked data

    I had following question in my questionnaire: Rank following factors: price, quality, advertisement, brand, reference from 1 (very important) to 5 (least important) that influenced on your buying decision process. Which approaches may be used in order to measure most important factors? I...
  7. K

    Nonparametric/Ranking Data Help!!

    Hi all, I am a PHD student attempting to come to grips with an analysis of some recent data. I have a repeated measures design. 220 students were presented with 13 different problem scenarios and then had to indicate who they would seek help from, ranking a list of seven help providers (ie...
  8. trinker

    Rank Coefficients

    Is there a way to rank the relative importance of correlation coefficients?
  9. M

    Testing if Rank Data varies significantly from 0

    Hi, I've done a survey with an 11 point Likert scale (-5 to +5, with 0).There are 30 questions total in the survey, with ~800 responses. I have graphed the median response for each survey question, but I am looking for a way to test which questions are 'significantly' different from 0 (a...
  10. D

    How do you give a rank to a data range

    I am looking at the ranking of universities in various rankings tables, and making an aggregation of this data. The issue comes in that in some of the rankings, below a certain rank, the data is grouped. For example, after a rank of 9, the next 5 universities are just listed with a rank of...
  11. D

    Getting my ordinal data ranked

    Hello, I have the following issue. I have data where 9 characteristics have been rated using an ordinal scale ("very important", "important", "neutral", "unimportant", "very unimportant"). I now want to bring the data in one rank so that I could e.g., say characteristic 5 is most...
  12. B

    Totally confused! re-scaling using rank ties command?

    Hi, Thank you all for all those kind helps all the time. I'm always getting useful advices here. This time, I have a question on making a composite variable and rescaling... let's say I have these three variables - V_club : number of clubs a respondent join (range 0 ~ 10) - V_talk ...
  13. C

    Analysis of Multiple Sites (vegetation) with multiple categories/ranks - HELP!

    I need some advice (and note, I am NOT a stats pro, excel yes, but have only used SPSS and R once) Short story is, I have done a vegetation survey on a gecko tree shelter sites. There are 20 shelter tree sites in each grid. Each shelter tree is I.D. as A(transect line) 0(distance x15m). So A0...
  14. kaia

    Kendall's W for testing similarity of proportions for non-ranked count data?

    Hello forum, I can't find the answer to this anywhere, and I'd really appreciate a helping hand. :confused: I'm doing an MSc project and my supervisor has told me I need to use a Kendall's tau to compare conformity of non-ranked count data across a set of case studies. To explain...
  15. A

    Quick SPSS testing question

    Hi, I have a data set with two questions: - whether one visits coffee chains or independent coffee stores - results are set within 1 (chains) and 2 (independent) --- (for which I have 106 for chains and 24 for independents equalling a total of 130 responses) - whether these locations have a...
  16. L

    best test for this non-normal distribution?

    Hello! I've recently been working on a report for some research I conducted in september and I've run into a bit of a problem during the analysis as I am relatively new to stats.:shakehead I would really appreciate any help anyone could provide! Thank you! :o The scenario: I'm looking to see...
  17. D

    Determining best analysis method for health knowledge research

    Hi, I have data from a dozen countries capturing knowledge on health-related issues. The same survey, translated appropriately, was used in all countries. After the initial survey, a training was executed in each country, teaching people about the issues addressed in the survey. Now...