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    Interpretation of my results (Significance varies a lot)

    Hi, I have a problem with the interpretation of my results from a multiple linear regression. I want to evaluate the impact of a policy change (X) on an economic indicator (Y) and have included various covariates in the regression (6). The policy change occurred in 2015 and I have data from...
  2. K

    Variable that should appear significant is insignificant

    As part of my University research project, I have decided to study the impact of Immigration on house prices but find that the immigration Variable that should be statistically significant according to literature appears to be insignificant. I don't know whether this was down to the method I...
  3. P

    Regression Analysis for Survey Data on SPSS (For a beginner)

    Hello Everyone, I am very new to SPSS so forgive me if my questions seem overly simple. I am conducting a survey based research project. My dependent variable contains 2 response options: Likely or Not Likely (0 or 1) The independent Variables I am interested in are: Age Category (20-29...
  4. J

    Dummy Variable Help

    Hi, I require checking on how I constructed these dummy variables and see If I did them correctly. Firstly, the data. Time period (1-30) of the study (from 3/18/51 to 7/11/53) Year within the study (0 = 1951, 1 = 1952, 2 = 1953 The first attachment is the set of original data and the second...
  5. P

    OLS Regression Output interpretation (really urgent)

    Hi guys, I have the following output and I really need your help with this: The questions are: a) Regressor X3 is a dummy variable (X3 = 1 if individual belongs to group 1). What interpretation can you give to the corresponding coefficient? b) The dependent variable was generated by the...
  6. S

    How to use a regression equation?

    I have a regression model with 11 predictors developed by a researcher. Among the 11 predictors, in a different dataset, I have 7 of them. How can I modify the previous regression model and account for the 7 predictors only? I know I can develop a new regression model. However, I want to know...
  7. R

    Only Time Fixed Effects for Cross-Sectional Data

    Hi Talkstats-Community. I have been browsing around but couldnt find an answer to my problem. Hopefully you might be able to help me on this. I have a dataset with funds that were launched in the last 40 years and the final performance that they achieved until they were liquidated. This means I...
  8. E

    B value in regression analysis

    Hi all, Please bear with me here. I am new and I also am only learning about statistics & regression analysis. One question about the interpretations of regression coefficient in multiple regression models. I have one variable which comes statistically significant. However it is wrong way...
  9. Frank Magique

    Controlling for response bias where all goals are positively related to well-being: regression or mean-centering?

    Hi, I am conducting a study where I've asked participants to rate how much they aspire towards 13 different life goals and want to know how upholding these various goals is related to well-being. However, it has been noted in the literature - and my data shows this as well - that essentially...
  10. R

    Problems with the significance of a subset

    I have performed a hedonic regression with a database where all the variables are very significant and according to the calculations made in R with a squared R = 0.61. the same regression for a subset of this database when they met a certain condition, and the result has been that many of the...
  11. A

    Ordinal logit regression with ordinal dependent and independent variables

    My question is very straightforward. I have different ordinal independent variables (with 4 or 3 categories), and I am trying to regress those on different ordinal and nominal variables. I want help on how I could interpret the coefficients and the odd ratios, even though on the picture I attach...
  12. Z

    Estimating share of fixed and variable costs

    Hi, I would like to estimate to what degree (e.g. 20% fixed) the costs of e.g. a central function like HR develop with the growth of e.g. Revenue within a company. My first though would be a regression for estimating HR costs Y if sales (X) go up by $1. However I'm supposed to classify HR costs...
  13. A

    Multivariate regression on 11 patients

    It might have sens to perform a multiple linear regression on 11 patients to understand if the symptoms influence the speed of growth?
  14. J

    Distribution of DV in multiple OLS regression

    Hello, I am running a multiple linear OLS regression on a DV with the following frequency distribution. The DV is the mean of 5 Likert-scale items (thus, pseudo-metric as common in social sciences). I know that the DV does not have to be normally distributed in multiple linear OLS regression...
  15. R

    Other remedial measures for multicollinearity?

    I have log transform my model already, choose per capita variables but multicollinearity is still a problem. I plan to drop the variable which has the highest vif (over 200)... however, I read somewhere that I will be subjected to specification error/bias. I need to address this one since...
  16. M

    Difference in Difference Method

    Hi guys! For some research we ran a regression analysis in Stata using the Difference in Difference method. this method uses a controlling group of countries to neutralise other effects than the effect of change in regulations. Afterwards we manipulated the data deviding it through year 2011...
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    My model for thesis is based on CRedit Rating of the firms and its categorized from AAA to CC from 8-1 (scale). The base paper states to use ordered probit regression and other reference paper says ordered logit model. I don't know any of the models. Can anyone guide me when to use such models...
  19. G

    Estimating the age of labor market entry

    I need to estimate the age of labor market entry for a given year (2016), but I can only use four explanatory variables: age, sex, income value, and the category in which the worker classifies himself (employee, self-employed, domestic worker, and employer). The data comes from a household...
  20. W

    Asymptotic regression model

    Hi all, fairly new to statistics, so apologies in advance if the below is not suitable for this forum. I have a data set in which the behavior is fairly asymptotic with 0 over time. I'm wondering what would be the best type of regression model to fit this data given that logarithmic...