1. M

    Multiple Linear Regression

    Hello, I am an MBA student and require help doing a multiple linear regression analysis using spss, check if I uploaded the data with the correct options and how to interpret the data and results. I have 2 independent variables and 1 dependent variable. Thanks!
  2. R

    Omitted group in regression

    Hello all, I understand that if you have individual level data and you are trying to calculate something like income you might run a regression like probability of incarceration = intercept + education_level +other_controls . . . + error where education_level is a categorical...
  3. J

    multivariable regression equation with interaction terms for difference-in-difference method

    I am doing a difference-in-difference analysis on a set of survey data for a health education program and I need to find statistical significance for the difference-in-difference estimate. I know that I find this using a regression. I need to use a regression in a mixed logistic model including...
  4. james.wilson

    I need guidance on figuring out a linear regression model from a dataset

    Hello, I'm completely stuck on this. If anyone could guide me in the right direction for this linear regression model it would be very appreciated! Dataset:
  5. C

    Interpreting mulitiple regression coefficients

    I am quite new to statistics and trying to get a grasp of it with some coronavirus data. So, I have 16 countries and I want to find regression of coronavirus cases by population pyramid. I am using this equation. In my case it looks like this: (Obviously in calculations the first column is...
  6. S

    standardized and not standardized independent variables

    May I include a standardized independent variable in a multiple regression model, where other independtent variables and the dependent variable are not standardized?
  7. T

    How to run a censored regression if the dependent variable is calculated based on censored data?

    Hello everyone, The situation is the following: I have a dataset with 200 assets. For each one, I have a unique price range that the asset can be priced in. The price range specifies an upper and a lower limit. The expected price (Pexpected) of the asset is the average of the upper and the...
  8. C

    Help with Regression and Graphing in SPSS. Cubic splines?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at time to surgery and infection. Infection is dichotomous. I ran a graph looking at cumulative sum of infection and time to surgery and it looked somewhat like a logistic curve. Linear at about 4x in the first 6 hours to surgery and then tapers off to about y=x roughly...
  9. U

    Linear vs nonlinear regression doubt

    Hello, I am currently working on a study about how much time a chess engine should think per move in a chess game. The inputs (known data) would be how much time is left (in seconds), the evaluation of the engine (centipawns) and the move that is being made. My question is: is it a multiple...
  10. M

    Linear regression analysis assumptions not met

    I want to demonstrate a possible association between a dichotomous independent variable and a continuous dependent variable. Therefore, I wanted to use a linear regression analysis. However, the dependent variable is not normally distributed, while normality is an assumption of linear regression...
  11. M

    Which test of association can I use?

    Which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a significant association between a continuous independent variable (age or BMI) and a dichotomous dependent variable (bleeding after surgery: yes/no)? Also, which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a...
  12. C

    What analysis is best for my research

    Hi all, I'm currently doing my masters thesis about blood pressure monitors. I'm compairing them on repeatability using a simulator. Now i have 5 different devices with each 3 simulations x 85 measurements. (Simulations are High blood pressure, low and normal) I did the basic thing like look...
  13. U

    Sports data set

    I am looking at sports team level data (summarized by average in each season) over several seasons and would like to predict/classify the winner of the championship. In a single season, the data has many more variables than observations (for example, 30 variables but only 10 teams). Would it be...
  14. C

    NLS with real data

    I have data that has length, age and density (counts) and i am trying to model this data to see if density at birth has an influence on length. Since my response variable reaches a plateau i know i will need a non linear model. Can anyone help me with how to go about fitting a non linear model...
  15. P

    Selection bias in categorical independent variable in regression analysis

    I have an issue with selection bias in my independent variable and I am uncertain of the best approach to correct for it. I'm looking at soccer data and trying to make some forecasts on players from different amateur level clubs to what they might be expected to do at the professional level...
  16. C

    A simple explanation of regression for multiple baseline design?

    Hey guys. I’m doing a single-case, multiple baseline design study. It’s likely that visual analysis will show significance, which means I’ll need to do a regression-based analysis, as recommended by the What Works Clearinghouse. In my proposal I need to write 2-3 simple sentences about what...
  17. M

    Which test should I use for a within-design with only one measuring point/time?

    Hi, I will lay out the experiment I am analyzing shorty and a little bit simplified: Participants were asked to debate a topic with an experimenter. The participant's debating strategies were observed and scored. For example, every participant obtained a score for "negative strategies" (NS)...
  18. R

    Using average response time as an outcome variable

    Hi all - I am working on regression analyses with timing data as the outcome variable. Specifically, I trying to estimate questionnaire item response time based on item attributes (e.g., item content, number of response options, etc.). I am sure there are respondent factors that impact response...
  19. F

    Solving an autoregressive equation

    Hi, has anyone an idea how to solve this equation: y_t - y_t-1 = c + delta*t + phi*y_t-1 + eps_t I would be super grateful if anyone could help. Cheers!
  20. N

    Significant treatment*pretest interaction, but interaction not shown with regression lines

    Hello, I have found that the interaction treatment by pretest is significant. However, the interaction is not depicted on the scatterplot (see attachments). Am I doing something wrong or can I say that the interaction is outside the range of possible test scores (0-10) and that the assumption...