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    Relative and absolute bias - Likert-type data

    I'm working on a data set which was collected through a questionnaire by a certain regulatory institution. 50 institutions (whole population of that type of institutions) answered a series of questions (100 questions). The answers were collected via a Likert-type form (5-items, anchored). The...
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    Cumulative relative frequencies

    I have a problem I do not understand. I always end up with result 0.99 instead of 1. See lines 22 and 40: Am I not supposed to get 1? Here is the full scenario (from the paste): We are measuring how many times per week people practice sports. absolute...
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    Relative Frequency using S-PLUS

    Hello, I would like to ask how can I compute relative frequency of a vector using S-PLUS. I have already find the frequency using statistics->data summaries->crosstabulations. Thanks in advance!:)