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    Method/test to use analyzing survey

    What type of analysis to do on staff engagement survey to find root cause of problem? Questions covers trust, well being, working environment topics. Answers collected are in 1-5 scale, 1 being strong agree. Method used so far is finding correlation between the questions. Any other...
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    Two variables (Crime rate and CPTED audit rating)- which test to use?

    Hello, I am a college student currently finishing up my Master’s degree in Applied Geography. I am working on a research project/thesis. The project is focused on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, AKA CPTED. CPTED is a theory that certain characteristics of the built environment...
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    Using percentage for 2-way Anova

    Do I have to label my data as percentage in SPSS? I ran a two-way anova, and the p-value was 0.00 but when I did a bar graph, the difference was not significant at all.
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    Engineering research tests: comparing post hoc data and paring

    Hello - I have several tests to do but my stats is a bit rusty... They are all based on the deflection of different beam designs: Test 1 Beam design A (n=4) is loaded and deflection measured Beam design A (n=4) is loaded, but with a changed contact, and deflection measured Test 2 Beam design B...
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    What tests and analysis for 50 year data collected on fashion trends

    So, it is said that whatever is in fashion once comes back someday or the other. We have collected data on 10 different garment types, each having 5 different sub-types on what was in fashion in 50 years. (Eg- Jeans->Waist->High/Low/Mid-rise) We plan on assigning each sub-type a grade/number...
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    Effect Sizes

    This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it's bugging me and no text book or paper I've read has answered it. I am looking into research on effect sizes and their use in research. I see a lot of mention of Cohen's D and F2 and the "small", "medium" and "large" effect sizes. Can someone...
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    How to prove two methods are “similar”?

    We are testing two imaging machines. One of the machines has been validated numerous times. However, we built the new machine and we need to prove that it is similar/comparable to the validated machine. So, the machines image a certain tube and determine a physical property. With several image...
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    Applying for Research (REU) in Statistics- Essay Review ?

    So there were two questions that I needed to answer : Explain why you have chosen your current major. I was first introduced to Statistics, my major, in 12th grade while preparing for the common proficiency test conducted for students wanting to pursue accountancy. Studying topics like...
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    Data Analysis visualization

    Hi Everyone, Lately I have been searching a data analyzer tool/software, which would also present my data in a better way. I came across DataPlay ( software product and started using it for a month. I think this was the product I was looking for, cause it both analyzes...
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    question about change in period

    Hello guys:) I wonder whether you can help me. I do not know which analysis i can use. My aim is to prove or not the following hypothesis: The percentage amount of impairment ( impairment/total assets) has grown during 2012-2014 years. My data will consist of percentage amount of...
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    Question about type of research

    Hello guys!:) I wonder whether anyone of you who is killing in statistics could give an advice. I am writing my master thesis at the moment. The first part of my research is planned to be focused on the sample of N oilservice firms, in other words, firms in the same industry. What i want...
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    Creating Graphs from Survival Analysis Outcome

    If I run a survival analysis, how can I graph the output/outcome? I.e. if I run age group and incidence of a certain disease ('cancer'), and get a rate ratio for each age group, how can I put the RR on a graph with agregroup on the vertical and disease rate on the horizontal? I am...
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    SPSS Data Analysis

    Hello everyone! I created a survey about social media addiction. I'm going to gather data from 20 people or more the questionnaire is shown below this message. I do have a few concerns my variables are comparing males and females self-esteem boost, Narcisstic tendencies, The amount of...
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    Report effect size?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and my knowledge about statistic is pretty basic. So beforehand I thank you for your help. In my research I used non parametric tests to compare two groups´ academic performance. It had a quasi-experimental design where the groups were not randomly selected but were...
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    Picking up a sample size of customers the statistics way?

    Dear members, I have a large group of our customers who have transacted with us once. I would like pick up a sample group of customers from this available group mentioned above for an experiment. The experiment I would like to do is I would like to gain insights in their behavior as to...
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    Help in determining a proper statistical test an approach for research question

    Ik have a problem in determining the right statistical test for my research. First I will give some background information. I want to research the impact of IFRS(regulatory change) on audit fees(fees payed to external auditors). This change was mandatory in the year 2005. I will use several...
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    Help choosing a statistical method for data analysis

    Hi everyone! I am working on a hypothetical research proposal for a sensation and perception class and I need help with the data analysis section of the paper. My hypothesis it that people who have been blind for longer than five years have better tactile acuity than those who have been blind...
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    2X2X2 design.. what statistics should I use?

    Hi, I am doing a research with a 2X2X2 design: Between subjects (Positive Mood VS Negative Mood) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 1 VS Negative Stimuli 2) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 2 VS Negative Stimuli 2) I have a range of dependent variables including response time/ decision...
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    What is booster sampling?

    We are doing convenient sampling rather than random sampling for a research that we are conducting. The authority is concerned about the reliability of the sampling. They have suggested that we look into booster sampling. Can any of you please let us know more on this? or redirect to...
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    Use of a credible source

    Hi, I am trying do a little research about movies and I will need to know studios, budgets, run time etc, and I was wondering, if it is credible to use to find all data or should I find other sources for some of the data? thanks!