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    How do I show something is an 'independent variable'?

    Please help. I am totally confused about how to show that something is an independent risk factor. I.e. in a cohort study: Group A (n=1000) - exposure to X - outcome exposed 70/1000 demonstrate Z Group B (n = 1000) - no exposure -- outcome control 23/1000 demonstrate Z I know that I...
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    Relative Risk Ratio (RRR) Analysis with a Continuous Predictor

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me with a relative risk ratio analysis. I'm trying to assess the ability of a continuous variable to predict a categorical outcome (the base group - Y) relative to other possible outcomes. The RRR analysis gave me the RRR for the likelihood of outcome A...
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    Odds & Risk Ratio

    Hi, Just wondering if In a Prospective Case-Control 'risk factor' analysis with a relatively rare outcome of interest (6.7%). Does the Odds Ratio produced from 2x2 tables equal or roughly approximate to the Risk Ratio? If so would i be justified in reporting my Odds Ratio as a Risk Ratio...