robust statistics

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    Effect Size WRS2 package : Robust anova

    pplying the one way robust Anova of the WRS2 package for a specific dataset I get the following results: > t1way(totspcam ~ bono_recibido, data = spend_red) Call: t1way(formula = totspcam ~ bono_recibido, data = spend_red) Test statistic: 49.4939 Degrees of Freedom 1: 2 Degrees of...
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    Assigning outliers in very few datapoints

    Hi, I'm a geology PhD student and i have a problem with making my dataset statistically robust. I'm measuring element concentration of my samples using XRF. I have about 900 samples and measured each sample 3 times. Of course there is a variance in these 3 measurements belonging to each...
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    Rejection point understanding

    I am reading about robust statistics. Actually the rejection point is the thing that I can't understand. Rejection point is defined as: But what is the meaning of that? The function IF is defined as: Which is actually a difference, and if it is small or even zero, this means...