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    Logistic regression problem in R - Horse racing

    Hi All, My question probably spans a couple of thread topics with regards to the title but I decided to post my question in the R forum as its the program I am using. I am currently in the process of fitting a logistic regression model to horse racing outcomes (1 = Winner, 0 = Loser) given a...
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    Extracting p value from bootstrap

    I've been trying to get the pvalue of my samples from a bootstrap rsquared test in R. I'm not very good with statistics so could someone please take a look at my below code and point me in the right direction with regards to how I can extract the p-values per sample (basically input a...
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    External validation of a log reg model using Nagelkerkes R2 w/ fixed parameters

    I have a dataset containing a point score (an integer between 0-41) and mortality (0/1) for a sample. I have performed a logistic regression analysis on these data (mortality~score) and extracted the parameter estimates (intercept and regression coefficient for the point score), and have used...