1. BryceOdell

    [MPlus] Using the Alignment Method with non-invariant factors

    I am attempting to use the Alignment within CFA method from Marsh et al. (2017) on 2015 PISA. However, six out of nine factors have more than 25% non-invariance What can be done to a dataset that is found to be mostly non-invariant using the alignment method? Does this mean than the 6 factors...
  2. R

    Latent class analysis using runmplus with Stata

    Latent class analysis using gllamm or runmplus with Stata I would like to perform a latent class analysis on my dataset using the runmplus package in Stata. Briefly this is what my database looks like N=6000 ID age gender [continuous variables] var1-var5 [binary variables] var6-var10...