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    How to check gender and age matching

    Hello girls and guys, I have worked on a study for which I was blinded in the first part. I always assumed that the patients and controls were gender and age matched because I was told so. Now I have the list of birth dates and gender affiliation and I would like to state in my paper/thesis...
  2. R

    Age and gender effects in neuropsychological tests

    Dear friends, I will try to ask it simple: Dependant variable: scores of a cognitive test (scale) independant variables: brain atrophy (yes,no), family history (yes,no), gender (m,f), age(scale) I am searching if brain atrophy group performed worse in cognitive tests. However atropy...
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    planned comparison (post hoc) with fewer than 3 groups?

    Say you've found that the IV "sex" has a significant effect on your DV, but you want to know the nature of that effect. If your IV were something like "gender identity", you could run post hoc tests in ANOVA, because you would have 4 groups. But "sex" only has 2 groups. To wit, SPSS will not...