1. W

    Statistical Difference vs. Norm

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with something. I have a study to test an advertisement of n=150. The results are given as percentages for each answer. I also have a norm composed of the average of 18 previous studies, all n=150, with identical questions giving me a sample size of...
  2. S

    SigmaPlot: Statistical Significance

    Hey guys, I'm trying to add statistical significance data to a graph I have already generated on SigmaPlot (vertical bar with error bars). I have already generated the p values which determine the significance, but cannot find a way to add them to the graph. I was thinking adding data labels...
  3. rogojel

    bonferroni correction in multivariate regression

    hi, I just read something that made me think about this, the p-values we calculate in a multiple regression have no adjustment for multiple test ( like a Bonferroni correction), right? Does this mean tjat more independent variables I have the more probable it is that I get false positives ...
  4. P

    Testing whether two related slopes/intercepts are different from each other

    Hi, I'm new and stuck. I want to see if the intercepts and slopes of two linear regression lines are significantly different. I thought I found the solution but now it looks like that might not work because the data is overlapping. Specifically: I have data for X, Y1, and Y2. I can find the...
  5. M

    Which test? - Significance of Sample Size

    Hi all, (First-time poster) I'm working with tagging data for 35 tracked fish. Each fish was tracked of 3 seasons, with detections (3873 overall) corresponding to a fish entering the detection area of one of the many placed monitors within the study area. I would like to perform a stats...
  6. C

    Moderation Analysis through Process by Andrew Hayes and SPSS regression analysis

    Hello all, I need help analyzing some data for a moderation analysis. I have a continuous variable (predictor), Exhaustion, a continuous outcome, "Social Loafing" (coded 1, work alone, 2, work in a pair, or 3, work in a group--it's really an ordinal variable), and a continuous variable...
  7. F

    Significance between samples

    I am not an expert user when it comes to SPSS so maybe this is more than I can handle. Here is the situation: I have two products I am comparing, Product A and Product B. I use the typical 7-point scale of Strongly Dislike (1) to Strongly Like (7) with Neither Like Nor Dislike (4). I recoded...
  8. G

    proportion inference analysis

    Hi. I have data on 1027 potential donors to a non-profit organization. I want to see if our online ads have impacted their donation rates. The people who sent me the data have a record for each of the 1027. They included a "sample weight" column which indexes the demographics columns. So...
  9. M

    Logistic regression: trouble finding out which variables are significant

    Hi, I'm using logistic regression to analyse a dataset on managerial decision making. Managers have made decisions to fire 2 employees out of a group of 8 from a fictional company used in the research setup. This data is coded binominally (0=chosen to retain, 1 = fired). To find out what...
  10. P

    interpreting ModMed results

    Can we interpret ModMed results if our indirect effect is significant (Class Intervals don't include zero) but our interactions are not significant (CI includes zero)? Please may you guide me to an article which I can quote w.r.t your response? Thanks in advance!
  11. H

    Significance when there are no occurrences in one of the variables?

    Hi guys! We've been studying the incidence of pigs mounting each other in a group of pigs containing entire male pigs, gilts and castrates and in a group of pigs of only gilts and castrates. The incidence of mounting behaviour was 146 in the group with entire male pigs, but there were no...
  12. S

    Need simple help in a hurry!!!

    Hello, I'm using SPSS 19 where i need to calculate the significent value between groups. I really need help becouse i can't figure it out by myself!! The situation: I have only numbers: 30 results is the total population 2 results are excluded 25 results are good 2 results are...
  13. E

    [R] Methods to determine reliability of measurements using median and median absolute

    I have been looking for a solution to this problem for days, so I hope you can help me. I have several datasets containing hundreds of variables, measured at the same time point and with the same method. Some of these variables have been measured more often and assume consistent values. Some...
  14. M

    Logistic regression: dummy variables not significant, what next?

    Hi, I'm running a logistic regression to try a predict landslides in SPSS using a categorical variable (vegetation type) with 6 possible values. In the results, the variable as a whole is significant although a couple of the dummy variables have p-values > 0.05 and thus are not significant...
  15. Y

    Indicate significant differences between two clustered bars

    Hello, I'm trying to add line and star annotation in a clustered bar chart, in order to indicate significant difference between two groups, similar to this: Example in MATLAB Can anyone help me, how can it be done in SPSS?
  16. G

    Manova not significant, some Anova tests are. Are they valid?

    I"m doing my dissertation on recommendations made during a diagnostic procedure, so I have 19 dependent variables based on 8 diagnosis levels. When I ran SPSS it was not significant, does that mean that none of the relationships are significant? or could some of the individual Anova tests that...
  17. B

    Correlation Across Time Help?

    Hi I'm a bit lost as to how to calculate the correlation between two groups of numbers across time. I'd like to see if one group, taken from the start of the time frame, has a significant difference or similarity to another group, which represents the remainder of the time. This may be a...
  18. I

    2-way ANOVA and the post tests

    Hi everyone :) I was wondering if you could help me with a question which should be simple... but the more I am trying to figure it out, the more confused I get :confused: I am trying to see the effect of a treatment (so I have a control and treated group) at different time points before and...
  19. 2

    Why is my model significant if neither of its parts are?

    There are two parts that make up my model: 1. Survey 1 memory accuracy (% correct)- Not significant 2. Survey 2 memory accuracy (% correct)-Not significant My model (total memory accuracy) combines results from both surveys and shows that the effect of mental exercises on memory accuracy...
  20. M

    Help with difference between two means

    Dear statisticians, I have four groups of values, A, B, C and D. I'd like to find out if the difference between groups A and B is significantly different to the difference between groups C and D. For example: Group A: [30, 21, 22, 26]; mean 24.75; stdev 4.11 Group B: [11, 16, 13, 12]...