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    Significance of moderation

    Hi there, I have 3 moderators. Following regression analysis only one moderator is significant. However, the R square change is just 0.02. I have decided not to include it in my model because of the following reason: "The significance of the model and the increase in R square was expected...
  2. L

    Testing a learning curve

    Hi all, Suppose someone kicks a football at a goal. However, I want to test to see whether or not practice improves technique - whether there is a "learning curve". I get 100 people to kick footballs at a goal 50 times each. I want to test whether there really is a learning curve, or...
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    Significance Level Help

    The Suzuka Automotive Company claims that its Accent model gets the best gas mileage, in terms of miles per gallon (mpg), of any car on the market. More specifically, it contends that the Accent gets better mileage than the Hondo Slavic CPX model. To test this claim, Suzuka retains an...
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    Bonferroni correction in GLMs

    I'm running a series of General Linear Models, attempting to explain factor x with 6 other factors; individually, all 2-way and all 3-way. Due to the large number of significances which I am trying to find is it neccessary to apply a Bonferroni correction to effectively decrease the p-value...
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    Significant regression coefficient vs. significant overall model

    Hi everyone, I have rather a simple question but for some reason have not been able to find a clear answer. My apologies if I have missed a previous answer in my searching. Here is my question: What does it mean if you have a highly significant regression coefficient for a predictor, but...
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    Correlation and Significance

    Hi Sorry for the remedial question, but I am struggling to find the answer to this; I have two arrays of data and want to calculate the correlation co-efficient between the two arrays, followed by the statistical significance of these correlations. My limited understanding leads me...
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    Is mean significant and not abnormal?

    Hi everyone! I am having some troubles with interpreting the significance of mean. Mean= 0.19609 St. Dev=0.12341 n=141 I get t-statistic of 18.86763( ratio mean/ st. error) I thought that for the mean to be significant and expected (not abnormal) t-stat has to be within the interval...
  8. R

    Kullback leibler divergence

    Is there a mapping between Kullback leibler divergence and significance? how can we say that a divergence between two samples is significant?
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    Sig Test

  10. J

    significance test

    I want to show that population density in the US correlates to voting habits (see attached csv). I have data by county from the '08 election and '08 population density. Using R its easy to look at them, but what test should I use / algorithm should I apply to find: what the "critical"...
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    Significance levels in multinom

    I am looking to get the significance levels for a #multinom# regression output (this just does a simple multinomial logit regression). I have seen some references on other sites to use #mlogit.display# but I get an error saying [R] could not find the function. Does anyone know of a way to get...
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    Adding letters in graph for no significant difference

    Hi, does anybody now how to add letters in a graph (lineplot) in R for treatment levels that did not differ significantly from each other? I've searched the web but without any luck :shakehead Thank you!
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    Is it possible to have a significance rating of 0.00?

    Hi, I am currently working on my dissertation. I am measuring a muscular soreness rating /100 in 3 conditions after supplements, and at 3 time points, immediately after exercise, 24 hours post, and 48 hours post!I have tried and tried on spss and I keep coming out with a significance value of...
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    Need help to test the significance

    I want to make a test to see if the difference is significant or not. What I have is two different groups of values (one with 31 values and the other with 28 values). These values have nothing to do with each other, (since it is values of iron intake for people in two different cities). I need...
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    Difference needed for power in fixed population.

    Hi, I am designing a study to examine the difference made by implementing a new treatment strategy for a medical condition. I have become a little stuck on some of the statistics. I want to determine if the new strategy is effective. I can assume that the population number is fixed...
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    testing for significant diffs between proportions

    Thanks for stopping by, I have a question about analysing responses from a multiple choice question. I'm looking at a question on what topics people talk discuss most online- there was a list of about 30 topics, and participants were able to pick more than one option. I'm not sure how to...
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    Significance of rankings of random choices

    I have 30 options of food (10 fruit, 10 vegetables, 10 meats), and ask respondents to rank (most favorite to least favorite) 4 randomly selected choices from those options, but always 1 meat, 1 veggie, and 2 fruits. How do I determine statistically significance differences of total most favorite...
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    Which sig test to use?

    I want to compare a change in 2 experimental groups to the change in 2 control groups. So I have results for one sample, then retested among another indepedent sample, and was tested among a control group, then retested among a different control. For example, the 1st experimental group had a...
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    Significance of regression coefficients and interpretation problems

    Dear All, I am currently facing a problem regarding the statistical interpretation of nonsignificant coefficients. I would like to know whether there might be a valid statistical explanation for a coefficient not being significant. So, my questions is the following: how can I statistically...