significant difference

  1. R

    Is the difference between two groups bigger, then x2 value bigger and p value smaller?

    For chi-square test or other tests involving x2 and p value, is it true that if the difference between two groups is bigger, then x2 value is bigger and p value is smaller?
  2. S

    I don't know whether I'm doing ANOVA right!!

    I want to find the significant difference between two groups (1 and 2). As my teacher said I should use anova. but i dont know whether i'm doing that right or not. so these are the percentages: 42.3 44.2 57.6 60.1 66.2 22.6 36.8 58.3 71.6 91.8 the first 5 ones are group 1 and the rest are group...
  3. I

    Significancy test

    Hello, suppose i have example of buyer's age from 3 product Notebook:35,25,40,30 Smartphone:20,21,25,30,25 Watch:35,20,30,45,35 I want to make a hypothesis like this: "Is buyer's age will significanly affect product choices?" So the questions: 1. I confuse how to choose independent variable...
  4. S

    Best Method for Comparison of Bacterial Community Compositions

    Hi! I have curated 454 pyrosequencing data using Mothur. I have clustered reads from each sample into OTUs at a unique level. (Please see attached image of Excel spreadsheet) I would like to compare the bacterial communities within these samples in a pairwise manner (taking into...
  5. T

    Find out significant variables

    Hi I have a data table consisting of normalized frequencies (out of 100) of certain linguistic features. Please see the sample below. There are 34 features in total and three columns as you can see above. I want to see which features (or variables) have significant frequency differences in all...
  6. M

    Which statistical test to use? Compare 5 categories with data (ratio scale)

    Dear all, I desperately in need! I have two samples (reports of 30 good and 30 bad companies). For each sample I classified statements in five categories (one being the "best" category, five being the "worst" --> ordinal scale). Within the categories, I have absolute frequencies. One example...
  7. M

    Testing if people like one thing than another

    I want to test given a certain scenario, if people will like one thing than another. Say there are 20 participants, 7 of them will chose A, 10 will choose B, and the rest 3 will choose I don't know (give up). I need to test, if people choosing B is significantly more than people choosing A.
  8. Y

    Indicate significant differences between two clustered bars

    Hello, I'm trying to add line and star annotation in a clustered bar chart, in order to indicate significant difference between two groups, similar to this: Example in MATLAB Can anyone help me, how can it be done in SPSS?
  9. K

    Significant difference between frequency of words in a text

    Hi, I guess it is a very basic question. Imagine two text samples, e.g. one text on someone's mother and the other on father. Text about mother includes word love for 80 times (1% of all words) and bout father for 50 times (0.8% of all words). Can we establish if this difference is significant...
  10. J

    Which test to use?

    Thanks in advance for reading my post. I have a year's worth data that describes the frequency of patient falls organized by the attending physician. Each physician has a unique number of cases (i.e. one doc can have 40 cases, and another has 15). I want to know whether the monthly count...
  11. @

    log-rank (or other) test for difference between survival curves

    Hi, all. I have co-opted some R code that estimates parameters for a Gompertz-Makeham mortality model. The data to which the model is fit is interval censored, with counts of individuals in each age-range category. For example: naga <-...
  12. K

    Ranked Data Newbie - please help!

    Hi, I recently ran several focus groups where particpants were asked to rank a series of 18 photos from most natural to most unnatural. I then gav each photo a score from 1-18 (1 being most natural and 18 most unnatural). The data looks likes this: photo 1a 1b 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 7 8 10.5 2 3...
  13. A

    Compare effect of two independent variables

    Hello, I would like your help on the following: I have run a fixed effects model (in SPSS) and want to test whether the difference between two independent variables (both positively and significanly associated with dependent variable) is significant or not. Any ideas of which test...
  14. A

    Determining significant (or otherwise) difference between 2 rates of change

    Dear Users, I am trying to determine the statistical significant difference (or otherwise) between 2 series of data and am unsure how to proceed. It is rates of admission for arthritis between 2 countries. Country A the average rate of increase per year is 8.1%, and for Country B the...