spearmans rank

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    About Spearman's rank correlation values and methodology.

    Hi! I could not find direct answers to my questions, so I figured to ask here. Background: My goal is to assess the consistency of returns of some mutual funds, and one of the methods I opted to use is the SRCC. So what I do is: 1) I have a period of 10 years, which I divide into two parts...
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    Can correlation be used as a measure of accuracy?

    I have a paired data set of known age and estimated age, and correlation tests show that there is a strong correlation between the two, but what I want to know is, does that mean the estimates are accurate? My thinking is no, correlation cannot tell you if the estimated age is accurate, but...
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    Ordinal Regression vs Spearmans Rank Correlation

    Hello, My name is William, I am currently at my last year at Newcastle University, UK carrying out research for my dissertation on how social media can effect levels of trust in brands. I have sent out a questionnaire and got 383 valid responses. I have developed a theory (cycle) that as...