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    Set Level Prediction in Tennis

    Hi all, hope someone can point me in the right direction to help me with the problem below! The Data Lets assume that the dataset I have is solely Set-Level win/loss data for every single professional tennis match in the past X years. PlayerA, PlayerB, Set#, playerA_win Nadal, Federer, 1, 1...
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    Sports data set

    I am looking at sports team level data (summarized by average in each season) over several seasons and would like to predict/classify the winner of the championship. In a single season, the data has many more variables than observations (for example, 30 variables but only 10 teams). Would it be...
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    Sports outcome probability

    Hello! Here is the scenario I have: In ice hockey, team A is ahead at the end of the 2nd period (they have games of 3 periods for those who do not know). When team A is ahead at this point in the game, they go on to win 75% of the time. When team B is losing at the end of the 2nd period, as they...
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    Prediction rankings

    I am trying to predict rankings for these players for any season ahead. For example, how could I predict the ranking for player 1 for season #34? ur=unranked for that season
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    Standardizing Performance (sports-related)

    Hi everyone, I coach a hockey team and we collect a lot of data on our performance. While I'm reasonably numerate, my statistics skills are limited to pretty basic things. So here's my problem. We collect data each game which feeds into a process measure that provides insight into how our team...
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    Medals at the Olympics

    Hi, I love sports and stats and so I am doing my Olympics research. I saw that there are 2 players from China's on each Badminton competition (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD). I calculated the chances of each winning the gold medal and then I calculated the chances of them winning 0, 1,2,3,4 or 5 medals...
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    MLB Stats Model

    Looks like someone created a statistical algorithm to predict and track itself over the MLB season: Anyone know what this guy is using to predict this stuff?
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    Trying to handicap the outcome of a race based on given probabilities

    Hello everyone. The past year or so I've been generating projection models for various sports to predict the performance of individual players. The approach varies by sport. I've stumbled onto one situation where I need to significantly improve my abilities in order to finalize the...
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    NFL Suicide Pools - statistical benefit of multiple entries

    In suicide pools, each entrant picks one team to win each week, with no point spreads. If the team wins, the entrant continues to the next week. Once a team has been picked, that team cannot be picked again during the season. If the team loses, the entrant is eliminated from the pool. These...
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    Suggestions to improve this sports model?

    Based on the second table "January window spend by place..." in this article, I came up with an LM attempting to determine if, in the English soccer league, there's a relationship between the average season's end ranking in the league table (there are 20 teams, three of which change every...
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    Sports Forecasting - a million iterations

    Hello, I am working on a forecasting project and would like to create a script that automates the following steps: order data by X characteristic Create groupings 1...N. (Say deciles) run regression on the sample data for each decile group arranged by X Determine result. (A mathematical...