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    Categorical variables in SPSS - Chi-square and then what?

    Good morning from Portugal! I´m a biologist and I use SPSS for my statistical analysis. I have some categorical data from questionnaires and made a chi-square analysis (most of the data had assumptions violated, so I used Fisher´s Exact test instead) followed by Phi or Cramer´s V to analyse the...
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    PS Matching in SPSS v 27 on Mac 10.14

    Hello I tried to run PS match from Data menu in SPSS (Python Fuzzy) or R (Essentials for R). Both failed. R is installed and directory could not be located despite going to the download folder. Similarly, Fuzzy is not installed but it is installed. I tried to run another extension prior to...
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    Data not Aggregating Appropiately

    Hello, I am working on my capstone entitled "Association of Availability of Quality Early Care and Learning Centers and Childhood Obesity in Philadelphia, PA" I am measuring the quality of QECLCs in three ways: (1) the number of total QECLCs, (2) the proportion of QECLCs out of all ECLCs, and...