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    Running Logistic Regression with Random Effects in SPSS (not Multilevel)

    HI! I'm really confused with how to run my logistic regression model (I have a dichotomous dependent and 8 nominal cat/continuous independent variables), I also have 3 separate random variables which I want to include in the model. I've looked at mixed model analysis but it's not a multilevel...
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    syntax if variable includes more less specific string of text - search 4 some magic

    Hello folks!! I´m searching for a magical symbol I guess... The issue is following: I´m trying to assign certain string of text a specific value in new variable. Imagine a situation when I am searching that string of text in eg. people´s opinions on whatever and my task is to separate those...
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    Using multiple xml models by parameter

    Hi, i wanna ask you about scoring in SPSS. I have one big dataset and multiple xml models. What i need is a script or syntax that is able to score dataset and use differerent models by value of one grouping variable. Now i am using scoring wizard and i have to copy cases of each group and use...