1. A

    SPSS view/adjust computation

    I got a SPSS file from someone else and I am trying to figure out how to see what computations they used for certain variables. For example if I computed a new variable consisting of the mean of two other variables, how can i see or even adjust the formula used to calculate the new variable? (In...
  2. R

    SPSS Syntax: Create Custom Table of selected variables using macro

    I am able to create a list of selected variables that start with "ftj19a", but now I want to create a Custom Table of all these variables. How should I proceed? SPSSINC SELECT VARIABLES MACRONAME="MAC" /PROPERTIES PATTERN = "(ftj19a)" ...
  3. I

    Mixed ANOVA - Can We Standardize After Box-Cox Transformed Values

    Background: In a mixed ANOVA (2 timepoints, 3 interventiongroups, so 2x3 factorial ANOVA), the homogeneity of the residual variance was violated as indicated by significant Levene test, for the post-intervention measurement timepoint (T2) As far as I understand it, this prohibits any further...
  4. G

    Difference between categories and sample

    Hi, I've completed some research and categorised participants into 1 of 5 groups (independent variable), and then extracted a maximum data point for each participant (relating to driving speed) between 2 different scenarios - the data is NOT normally distributed and all participants completed...
  5. B

    Process mediation

    Hello everyone I want to write a mediation model syntax via Process v4.0 in SPSS 27. However, my output keeps saying that I am using outdated syntax. Can someone help me how to solve this?
  6. L

    How to convert my output into a suitable table for ANOVA or Kruskwallis testing on SPSS?

    Hi guys, Let's say I have asked an individual to classify images according to 3 fruits that he sees : apple, banana and kiwi. Then, I want to assess whether there are significant differences between the frequencies of each classified fruit (there are more instances, this is just an example). I...
  7. M

    Where to start..?

    I am currently carrying out research on A&E attendance for my surgical speciality pre and post covid. I have collected data from around 3000 attendances, and have been staring at the data for two months now, unsure of how to progress. The aim is to see whether the lockdown had an affect on a)...
  8. Z

    2*2 repeated measures ANOVA with an unbalanced number of observations

    Hi everyone, sorry for this very basic question. I've trawled through previous pages and cannot quite find a case that corresponds to our situation. 320 individuals rated two types of films. The rating was provided on a 1-11 scale.There are many films of each type. In short the DV is a...
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    How to compare two school classes with a survey?

    I am doing research at a school. I want to see what effects a certain teaching method has on the students. For this I have one class which is the control group and another class in which I am applying the teaching method. At the end of the experiment I want to take surveys in both classes and...
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    Is it possible to compute a mean/median score for a Mann Witney test/chi square test?

    There are two groups in my study (experimental N=19 and control N =14), and I want to see if there are any differences between the groups, so I made a survey. The survey has 15 different questions, all 5-point Likert items. However, I want to combine those items into 3 different categories...
  11. M

    Factor analysis - Correlation Matrix: this matrix is not positive definite

    Hi all, For my research, I am trying to do a factor analysis, but I keep getting the error message in the correlation matrix that this matrix is not positive definite. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!
  12. S

    Adjusted OR

    How to find adjusted OR as given in Table 6 in spss? The procedure followed to get it like i found binary logistic regression is used to find crude OR using single indep. variable.
  13. R

    SPSS for Customer Satisfaction

    I have data collected with 5 Likert Scale Questionnaire to establish factors influencing customer satisfaction using online banking. The factors included Credibility, Efficiency, Ease of Use, Security, Problem Handling and Product/Service Portfolio. A total of 6 independent variables. In this...
  14. C

    General Mixed Effect Model Differences Between R and SPSS

    Hello! I have a rather simplistic model which I have been using in SPSS that entails a general mixed effect model explaining a binary outcome. The professor offhandedly mentioned that if I should get this research published, I would want to use R instead of SPSS but she does not know how to work...
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    Service robots: Master Thesis

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of analyzing my survey data for my thesis. But i'm kind of stuck regarding which test I should use in my analysis. The survey is comprised of three parts: questions about general attitude on robots (GEN); a scenario (randomized, each respondent gets one of 8)...
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    SPSS insufficient memory Fisher exact test

    Hi All, I have been conducted analyses on a study using the Fisher Exact test but have currently encountered an issue with my larger contingency tables (3x7 and 3x9) as SPSS has insufficient memory to conduct the analyses. In this scenario it is best to use a Monte Carlo simulation on these...
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    Three-Way (2x2x2) Between-Subjects ANOVA in SPSS

    I'm just wondering how I can decompose a significant 3-way interaction in SPSS (all three IVs are categorical) without splitting the file, so that my follow up degrees of freedoms in the follow up tests remain the same as the omnibus degrees of freedom?
  18. L

    two way ANOVA?

    Dear all, I'm new to statistical analyses and currently using SPSS, and my question is: is the two-way ANOVA the right approach for my case? Because while analysing the data it was noticed that will only have one position, meaning that group would be repeated many 3 times more than single...
  19. R

    Can this data be calculated by SPSS? and how?

    I want to get the value of x2 and p in every row, may I ask how I can calculate them by SPSS?
  20. E

    How can I create a table with 2 independent numeric variables in SPSS?

    I'm trying to tabulate some concentrations of compounds to eventually test if tide (or depth for other samples) and distance along a sampling transect affect these compounds (the 5 variables on the right). However, the only way I can think to do this is in the attached image, where I'm forced to...