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    Analysis in alcohol usage relapse

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    Creating a time variable in SPSS

    I have just started with my research project. My supervisor asked me to do some simple stuff with the dataset in SPSS. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue of what I'm doing in SPSS. Could anyone help me? I'm supposed to do a mixed linear model analysis, but right now I'm just preparing the...
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    How to JOINTLY perform multiple imputation with normal dataset and multiple response sets in SPSS? And right kind of Cluster analysis for binary data?

    down votefavorite (Unfurtuntely i can't upload the excel file ,can't find the button) Please im begging anybody’s help because im an mba student in global hospitality and tourism management and my teacher is unable to help I have purchase the spss premium version so I can use all its features I...
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    Mediation analysis results write up

    Hello everyone! I am currently writing up my results from my moderation analysis and I am having some trouble interpretting what the results mean (I am new to SPSS! :( ) My hypothesis is to test whether social comparison has an impact on self esteem levels through the use of social media. So...
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    SPSS independent t test problem

    Hello, I am trying to work URGENTLY on an independent t test. However, the results shows me that "my independent sample table is not produced". And it said that "t test cannot be compute as there are missing data" which I am so sure that nothing is missing. Can anyone tell me what is my...
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    Logistic Regression Models Without Main Effects?

    Hi there, I am building logistic regression models measuring human behaviour, which consist of categorical variables: demographics, conditions, and interactions between the demographics and the condition variable. The big issue is that as per my theory tested I am not interested at all in the...
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    How can evaluate the significance of unbalanced variables?

    We have a questionnaire which has a question with three options: "a", "b", and "c". All participants are allowed to choose one of these three options. "a" represents the condition "X" and, "b" and "c" both represent the condition "Y". Our goal is to compare the condition "X" with the condition...
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    A little clarification on logistic regression in SPSS

    Hi! I need some clarification. I have a dichotomous outcome (not cancer/cancer) and I want to analyze the influence of 5 different variables (2 continous and 3 categorical) in predicting one of the outcomes (cancer). For that I ran a binomial logistic regression on SPSS and I got the following...
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    Trend analysis

    In a period of 14 years we collected MRIs on different patients. For all the MRIs I have a variable on which day after diagnosis the MRI was made. I want to know if MRIs were made much faster at the end of the study than at the beginning --> so I want to know if there's a trend. How would one do...
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    How to analyse - [SPSS] NPI+Gender IVs on Attractiveness Score DV

    Hi there, I have been struggling with stats for a while and have turned myself on my tail, any help would be super appreciated. Research is looking at Narcissism Score (NPI) and attractiveness, how would I analyse this in SPSS? I want to look at the relationship the two IVS have on Attract...
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    How to change the alpha level in SPSS?

    I have to do a Mann-Whitney U test in SPSS and it has to be alpha = 0.01, one-tailed. I know the default is 0.05, but I don't know how to change it to 0.01 in SPSS (for Mann-Whitney U test). Is it even possible?
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    SPSS interpreting change scores, am I doing it right??

    I had to calculate some change scores for my dissertation. I didn't even know what they were until my prof told me to do that in addition to my other statistics. I tested 2 groups, 1 got supplements the others a placebo and tested them before and after taking them. They filled in mood and stress...
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    Mixed Effect Model in SPSS

    I keep getting error messages:' The levels of the repeated effect are not different for each observation within a repeated subject.' Can anyone offer me some advice whether I can perform Mixed Effect Model in SPSS with my data or I have organised my data correctly? I have two groups of...
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    How can I make a chart with the percentages/values labelled?

    I have tried making graphs will graph-builder. For some bizarre reason cannot get the charts made up with he percentages/values labelled. I know it sounds simple but its not obvious to me. Would really appreciate any help. BW
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    Error messages for Mixed Effect Model in SPSS?

    I keep getting error messages:' The levels of the repeated effect are not different for each observation within a repeated subject.' when performing Mixed effect model in SPSS. I have two groups of participants X and Y who performed two sets of tasks i.e. A and B. Group 1 has 12 subjects...
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    Three way interaction with Process (Hayes).

    I'm going to do a three way interaction in Spss with Process. And I was wondering if you guys could help me explain whats happening behind the scenes in Process? Preferably with some references so I can look at it myself. Thank you! The interaction looks like this: ..............M...
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    Odd ratio in subgroups for a continuos outcome variable.

    I'm stuck in this. I have a population divided as follow. Population as been randomised among Standard or Sperimental procedure. Surgical access was Laparoscopy or Laparotomy. Objective is to decrease Day of recovery. Data example as follow: <table><tr><td>Intervention...
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    Which test to use? - SPSS

    Hello everyone, It's my first time analyzing data and putting my results in a paper... My topic is in how far the educational attainment level has an effect on social wellbeing. I did some research online and I'd like to focus on these coherences: social wellbeing as dependent variable...
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    How can I split the mean (e.g. split the mean by gender) in SPSS?

    I am completely new to SPSS and I have to split the mean by one variable or even by two variables ("produce a single table showing the mean of the symptom severity checklist score before and after treatment, split by anxiety disorder and by patient gender") This is just the example I have been...
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    Repeated measures 2x3 design on SPSS

    My data has two factors. Factor 1 has 2 levels and Factor 2 has 3 levels. ie a 2x3 design. Right? The study is within-subjects. So on SPSS, I went to General Linear Model -> Repeated Measures and entered factor 1 (2) and factor 2 (3). But then when I go to define it, SPSS gives me: 1,1...