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    Can I use Hayes' PROCESS macro for full mediation research models?

    Hi all, I got the advice to use Hayes' PROCESS macro through SPSS for my research model, specifically model 4 and model 7. However, these models represent partial mediation, while my research model is full mediation. Hence, I was wondering whether I can use them for my analysis. If so, do I...
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    three-way mixed factor ANOVA

    *** Apologies for cross-posting this message. I just thought that people who don't use SPSS may still be able to help. This is a question about within-subject factors in a three-way mixed factor ANOVA. I am terribly confused and I need some help. I am trying to run a three-way mixed factor...
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    Please help with outliers :(

    I am conducting research on the effects of social media usage (frequency of checking and duration) on body image and self esteem n = 264. Every ANOVA is not significant :( however Boxplots have revealed a good number of outliers. When I removed 5 "moderate outliers" (between the mild and extreme...
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    How to analyse my data?

    Hello, Im analysing my data for my thesis but i cant seem to figure out what analyses to conduct. I have coded miscommunication during a training. 5 day time trainings and 4 night time trainings. I used 5 codes to label the miscommunication. There were 3 rol's during the training which have...
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    Post Hoc Analysis

    Hi, I am having trouble running a post-hoc analysis as I keep recieving the message: "Post hoc tests are not performed for EmpathyMean/AltruismMean because at least one group has fewer than two cases." I am trying to compare the means between two independent variables (Altruism & Empathy) and...
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    Problem with repeated-measures GLMM in SPSS for psycholinguistic study: Failure to converge

    I'm trying to run a generalized linear mixed model in SPSS, with a continuous response variable (ResponseTime), SubjectID as a random factor, Items as a repeated measure, and five fixed factors: three categorical subject variables (Sex, Handedness, Familial Handedness) and two categorical item...
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    How to find the trend in binary time-series?

    Hello everyone! I have an event that can happen with each of my patients (Y or N), collected over many years. Theses patients are independent of each other. I want to detect the trend taking into account the binary nature of my variable but also the number of cases per year. For example, I...
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    Testing for similarity between countries

    For my thesis, I am looking at the effect of environmental controversies on the profitability of Chinese and European firms. As part of my exploratory analysis, I have to check whether or not the European countries are similar enough to consider them as 1 group. I collected data on economic...
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    Reporting Fisher's exact test (chi squared test)

    Hello, I have conducted some chi squared tests but because the assumption for "minimum expected cell frequency" was violated, I'm using the value for Fisher's exact. However, I don't know how I can report the output. For example, the normal chi squared would be reported like this: χ2 (1...
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    MANOVA or repeated measures anova or ANCOVA?

    Hello! For my thesis I want to compare 3 training groups (2 different types of training and 1 control group) to see the influence on mindfulness-skills and exhaustion level (so 1 IV- type of training- and 2 DV). All the participants get a pre and post test. I'm doing the analysis in SPSS, but...
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    Reliability Test - Cronbach

    Hello, Through my quasi-experiment in math classroom, I have made pre and post-exams. Each exam had 3-4 open-ended questions (not MCQ). Each question had a different score. Each exam is summed up over 10. I was asked to do the reliability test using spss for each exam. The question is, should...
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    Significant Friedman's test but non-significant post-hoc tests

    Hello, I am running a Friedman's test because I want to see if there is any difference in my participants' scores across 4 time-points. My sample is n=51. I ran the test and it revealed a statistically significant difference (p = 0.29). Then I conducted post hoc tests to see where the...
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    Which Tests to Run

    I have a questionnaire with different data nature, each few questions can be grouped into 1 variable (ex: Age, Gender, Region, Income Level into "Background"; Experienced Side Effects (multiple answers), Hospitalization (yes/no) into "Risks"...). I transformed the groups by means but would like...
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    Calculating SEM in test-retest study (ICC)

    Hi! I am involved in the writing of a thesis, where two raters are running a test-retest study to test the intra- and inter-rater reliability of a clinical test. Here the Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) needs to be reported, and the following formula should be used: SEM=SD x √(1-ICC). I...
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    Regression Analysis for Survey Data on SPSS (For a beginner)

    Hello Everyone, I am very new to SPSS so forgive me if my questions seem overly simple. I am conducting a survey based research project. My dependent variable contains 2 response options: Likely or Not Likely (0 or 1) The independent Variables I am interested in are: Age Category (20-29...
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    Help with data analysis plan for dissertation

    Any help would be much appreciated :) For my research project I'm hoping to do a moderation analysis and will be looking at if Variable M moderates the relationship between Variable X and Variable Y. All variables are continuous (scale) and were measured at only 1 time point. My 3 hypotheses...
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    How do I combine variables in SPSS to create a new variable?

    I want to create 6 groups in SPSS, originating from 2 groups but I don't know how to do this. I have one variable A which is binary (0.1-1 millimetre or >1 millimetre) and another variable B which has 3 possible values (3 treatment strategies for cancer: wait-and-see, polypectomy or surgery). I...
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    Dataprocessing: how to insert an empty row if measurement of that time-slot is missing

    My data consist of many parameters, measured in a frequency of 1 second. At random moments a second is "skipped" from the data (see picture, 21:24:29 is skipped for instance). I would like to create an empty row where a second is skipped in my data, so that I can impute the datafile afterwards...
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    Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please?

    Hi! Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please? I am a complete dummy, so I need a "for dummies-explanation". I would be very grateful for the help. All the best!
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    is expected count for independent variable matters ?

    I trying to run a multinomial logistic regression but i want to know does the expected count of each independent variable should be less than 5 before i run the test?