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    Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please?

    Hi! Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please? I am a complete dummy, so I need a "for dummies-explanation". I would be very grateful for the help. All the best!
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    is expected count for independent variable matters ?

    I trying to run a multinomial logistic regression but i want to know does the expected count of each independent variable should be less than 5 before i run the test?
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    blank in goodness of fit test in multinomial logistic regression

    I run a multinomial logistic regression with dependent variable BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY LEVEL ( Six categories) and independent variable gender But i got nothing inside the sig column under goodness of fit test I then tried to run the test with BDI LEVEL with gender and year of study (four...
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    multinomial logistic regression

    I tried to run a multinomial logistic regression with dependent variable (depression level - 6 level in total) and independent variable ( categorical, ordinal , ratio) total independent variables i had is 13. i try to run the test but the result seem quite unpleasant plus the SPSS told me...
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    Factors or covariates in multinomial logistic regression

    I have ordinal variables where I ask the respondent to rate how frequent they go for a motivational talk ( 1: never, 2: rarely, 3: sometime , 4: often, 5: always ) and also their satisfaction towards their life ( 1: unsatisfied ............ 9:very satisfied) . So, as i know this kind of...
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    how to determine ?

    My dependent variable is depression level. Can i know how to determine the amount of female and male that belong to a certain category of depression?
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    How duplicate each row as many times as is given in a variable (SPSS V23)?

    Hello. I'm only start to use SPSS V23. Help me, please. How I can do it?
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    Can I test linearity and homoscedasticity between a ordinal and scale / continuous data?

    I want to use a scatter plot to test the linearity and homoscedasticity of my data set. My dependent variable is depression score which is continous and scale data. Can I test the linearity between depression score and categorical variable such as gender (1=female, 2=male)?
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    Interpreting boxplot in spss

    I got this result for my boxplot to access normality in SPSS. Is it correct that I interpret the result for the normality as not normal and the box plot is left or positively skewed ? Should I state out the value for the quantiles too (Q1, Q2 , Q3 )
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    How to create 1 (continuous) variable by using two (continuous) variables (and ignore the missing) in SPSS?

    Hi there, I am currently busy with my master thesis and I have the following question. I want to create a variable called applicant credential (appl_credent), by combining the following two variables: western applicant credential and nonwestern applicant credential. a participant either has a...
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    Not sure what test to use- HELP

    The following question is being asked for an university assignment: ''Conduct a test to determine if on average there are more pieces produced on a day when products of type A are produced than on a day when product type D is produced. Write down the value of the test statistic and the...
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    Loops in SPSS - creating new variable based on multiple loops??

    Hi, I am looking for help! Maybe someone here knows the answer? I want to make a new variable (in SPSS) Date_flare_FU (Date of a disease flare during follow up). This variable will be based on 12 follow up visits (Date_T1 tm Date_T12 -> date), during which disease activity is assessed...
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    Normality is not assumed ( kolmogorov-smirnov sig level= 0.000)

    Currently, I'm doing a research using Beck Depression Inventory on 340 respondents from my university. Before I apply any parametric tests, I tested the normality first, however the normality is not assumed. So, I wondering is the data really not normal or the way I analyze it have problem ...
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    System missing value

    I have a data from 340 respondents that I key into SPSS. But the problem is the result of descriptive statistics show that the system have one missing data eventhough there is no data missing ( i filled up every single row and column). And SPSS say the total sample size is 341 instead of 340...
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    Recoding/transforming problem

    Hello everyone, As a very begginer in SPSS I would ask you for help with some transformation from table A into table B. I have to recode values of "brand" variable into columns and make 0-1 variables. I can do it in this particular case in this simple way: compute GREEN_CARE=0. compute...
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    Is cronbach alpha applicable ?

    Recently, I'm doing a pilot study for my questionnaires however I got 0.05 for my cronbach alpha. My questionnaires consist of two part : 1. Demographical parts ( also include things like likert scale) 2. BDI inventory ( Beck Depression Inventory) The problem is the result of SPSS told me...
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    Questionnaire - Guidance needed.

    Hello, I am currently refreshing my knowledge about statistics and I would appreciate if someone could provide me some guidance on how to look at my current data set. I distributed a questionnaire asking participants: - whether they are working for a governmental institution, a corporation...
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    Whats the best statistical analytical method to use

    Hi, I have a data set which has a treatment variable and some outcome variables which are the result of the treatments on certain markers measured daily. I would like to see if different levels of the treatment resulted in the differences in the outcome variable (there are 4 of these, each...
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    Looking for appropriate loop

    Hi! Hello! I am looking for solution which lead me from yellow to green results like that: As you can see, there are 0-1 coding data with sysmis, always five 1 per line. Thre are 20 variables (p1,p2, ..., p20) and I need to recode them into 5, using number of columns. I have started with...
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    Anova test post-hoc error

    Dear All, Please help me with my statistics... I am using 5 different dimensions to interpret the correlation among them. For instance, Burnout is negatively related to engagement. All dimensions have at least 3 Lickert scale data. Now, I would interpret the analysis among them, trying with...